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Angelina Jolie Hopes New Book Know Your Rights Will Help ‘Achieve a More Equal Society’

The Eternals actress said the book "can change the lives of both young people and adults" in an emotional Instagram message on Saturday

Angelina Jolie is excited about the release of her new book, Know Your Rights and Claim Them: A Guide for Youth.

On Saturday, Jolie, 46, celebrated the book — which delves into child rights and the knowledge young people need to both protect and defend them — by sharing a carousel of photos taken by Rozette Rago from a recent signing event, during which several children were pictured with the Oscar winner.

“When children and young people have the agency, power and knowledge to speak up, they can change the lives of both young people and adults, helping to achieve a more equal society,” the actress captioned the images on Instagram.

Angelina Jolie

“That is the message of our new book … which was written in consultation with young activists around the world — and is for them, and all the many young people fighting for their rights globally,” she continued.

Jolie has long been an advocate for human rights, especially for women and children. Her activism dates back to the early 2000s, when she began working on issues such as immigration, health and education for young people across the world.

In her message, Jolie added that she is “so inspired by young people around the world” who regularly fight for human rights “on the front lines.”

“From protecting the environment to fighting inequality and discrimination, they are stepping in to do the work adults should but so far have failed to do,” she wrote, adding that children “are bearing the burden of the consequences of those bad decisions” in refugee camps and conflict areas around the world.

Angelina Jolie

Know Your Rights was released first in the United Kingdom in September before hitting shelves in the United States and other countries in early October. At the time, Jolie called it “a handbook to fight back” in an interview with Reuters.

“So many children are in harm’s way across the world and we’re simply not doing enough,” the Eternals star told the outlet. “These are their rights, decided years ago based on what would make them healthy, balanced, safe and stable adults.”

Know Your Rights and Claim Them: A Guide for Youth is available now.

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