Best Roles Of Tom Cruise: The Stunning Actor Of Hollywood Industry

Tom Cruise has done it all for decades, from his teen idol days in the early 1980s to his current status as a marquee-lighting leading man — he’s finished inconceivable quests, trained about Wapner time in Rain Man, driven the highway to the danger zone in Top Gun, and done marvels for Bob Seger’s dividend declarations in Risky Business, to name a couple of instances. Mr Cruise is one of the few genuine movie stars remaining in Hollywood, so either you’re a die-hard fan or just want a recap on his filmography, we’re here to take a look behind at his illustrious career and rank all Tom Cruise films.

  1. Lions for Lambs

A journalist tries to discover the plot behind the operation’s failure when two army rangers, Arian and Ernest, are injured while on a mission in Afghanistan.

  1. Mission Impossible

When Ethan Hunt, an American special agent, is wrongly convicted of killing his whole squad, he fights to prove his innocence and catch the real killer. This film is divided into seven parts, with the eighth set to be released in 2023.

  1. Top Gun

Top pilot Maverick is granted a second chance to redeem himself after losing a friend. He tries his hardest to be the best he can be while simultaneously falling in love with his civilian instructor Charlie. The sequel to Top Gun is set to be released in 2022.

  1. Edge Of Tomorrow

After becoming trapped in a time loop, Major William Cage must save Earth and the human race with the help of fighter Rita Vrataski.

  1. The Mummy

Sergeant Nick and Corporal Chris come across Princess Ahmanet’s tomb after calling an air raid on an enemy stronghold. Nick is forced to battle for his life after the princess is freed free.

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