Ludacris Would Love to See Paul Walker’s Daughter Join Fast & Furious

Following Vin Diesel and Jordana Brewster lending their support to the idea, Ludacris says he'd love to see Meadow Walker join Fast & Furious.

Ludacris joins his Fast & Furious co-stars in supporting the idea of Paul Walker’s daughter joining the blockbuster franchise. The late Paul Walker was one of the original Fast & Furious stars alongside Vin Diesel, Michelle Rodriguez, and Jordana Brewster. He appeared in every franchise installment (minus Tokyo Drift) up until his death in 2013; at the time, he had been working on Furious 7. Thanks to CGI and his brothers, who served as stand-ins, the 2015 movie was able to act as both a tribute to Walker and a fitting sendoff to his character Brian O’Conner.

Since then, the Fast & Furious franchise has made efforts to keep Walker’s memory alive. So far, that’s mainly been kept to references to Brian’s current whereabouts, but there’s another idea gaining momentum along the cast. This year has seen several Fast & Furious stars suggest that Walker’s daughter Meadow should join the franchise. Diesel and Brewster have both advocated for this, and now Ludacris has voiced his own interest in seeing it happen.

Speaking to ET in a recent interview, Ludacris admitted he too would enjoy seeing Meadow Walker become a bigger part of the Fast & Furious family. “She is a phenomenal person. She has those great genetics, and I would love to see it,” he said. Beyond his hopes, though, Ludacris was unable to add anything else. “That’s all I can say. I can’t confirm or deny,” he stated. “I’m hearing the rumors as well, but I know her personally, and her heart is made of gold.”

The Fast & Furious franchise is currently expected to wrap up with two more movies, the first of which is scheduled for 2023. If those installments are truly to be the conclusion to this heart-pounding series, than one can assume there will be an extra special tribute for Walker, seeing as he was one of the people who helped Fast & Furious reach these heights. Director Justin Lin has admitted he’s always thinking about the possibility of bringing Brian back for Fast & Furious 10/11. That would likely have to be done with some kind of CGI, which might not go over well with all fans. Still, that would be one way to keep Walker and Brian in the family as the series nears its end.

Another, less controversial way would be to, yes, bring in Meadow Walker. She hasn’t publicly shared her own thoughts about the idea, though as it seems she’s close with the entire cast, one can assume someone has floated it by her. Even if Fast & Furious doesn’t bring her on for a major role, she can still have a small cameo that would certainly serve as a nice tribute to her father. Though right now the how is unclear, it’s all but guaranteed the final Fast & Furious movies will honor Walker. Fans will just have to wait to find out what that special moment will look like.

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