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Fear The Walking Dead: Who’s Hunting For Morgan In Season 7?

Fear the Walking Dead season 7, episode 2 just introduced a new villain. Here's who this person is and why he's on the hunt for Morgan.

Fear the Walking Dead has introduced a new character with a grudge against Morgan Jones (Lennie James). As if Victor Strand (Colman Domingo) turning bad and the nuclear apocalypse aren’t enough, the series is sending a new villain on a hunt for Morgan. Morgan has successfully avoided a direct confrontation with the character, but he’s sure to be back for a second meeting at some point in the season.

In Fear the Walking Dead season 7, episode 2, titled “Six Hours,” Morgan was approached by a mysterious assailant, who he promptly shot down. At the end of the episode, the character was seen interacting with Morgan’s dog and opening a box with Morgan’s name on it. Inside was the head of a man whose face looked identical to his. He admitted to being defeated by Morgan but promised not to give up. Presumably, he’ll be one of the biggest obstacles that Morgan will face in season 7. Leaving the submarine to look for his friends or to find the location of Padre could put him in the crosshairs of this determined new villain. If he sticks around, he could prove to be a major thorn in Morgan’s side.

Played by Demetrius Grosse, this character is Josiah, the twin brother of Fear the Walking Dead’s Emile, who was played by the same actor. In the season 6 premiere, Emile tracked Morgan down and tried to kill him, only to have his head cut off at the end of the episode. Following Emile’s death, Morgan placed the head in the box Emile marked “Morgan Jones” and had it delivered to Virginia (Colby Minifie), the person who hired him. Apparently, Josiah somehow obtained Emile’s head and is now plotting his revenge against the man responsible for his brother’s death.

Not much has been revealed about Josiah, but his ability to find Morgan hints at his capabilities and resourcefulness being near to Emile’s level. Both have now been defeated by Morgan, but it’s important to note that in Fear the Walking Dead season 6, Emile was a formidable adversary who nearly ended Morgan’s journey to reunite the group before it could really take off. Josiah’s first attempt to avenge his brother didn’t go very well, but it’s possible that the encounters they’ll share over the course of Fear the Walking Dead season 7 will be much more intense and complete with higher stakes.

The series moving in this direction with Josiah could be a way for the series to seize on a missed opportunity from the previous season. While Emile’s death had great shock value for the season 6 premiere, it also prevented a menacing character from getting a multi-episode arc. With Josiah, Fear the Walking Dead season 7 can deliver something far bigger than a single-episode, cat-and-mouse tale. Since the show is unlikely to repeat Emile’s story, it makes sense that it’ll ultimately find a different use for Josiah, who could end up fighting other characters or eventually joining the group.

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