Donnie Yen: Kung Fu Movies Will Not Be Outdated Jet Li is a Strong Competitor

Just like American westerns and Japanese samurai movies, kung fu movies are almostChinese filmUnique video type. With the popularity of kung fu movies, a group of martial arts stars with different styles have also come to the fore. Donnie Yen from Hong Kong, China is one of them. Donnie Yen was a guest at the Film School of the 24th Shanghai International Film Festival on June 14 to share his life as a warrior with fans.

Donnie Yen was born in Guangzhou in 1963. His film masterpieces include “Ip Man”, “Slaying the Wolf”, and “One Man’s Martial Arts”. “Ip Man” is also known as one of the most influential series of action films in the past decade. The martial arts created by Donnie Yen are both ornamental and practical, and incorporate a variety of martial arts styles and personal characteristics. He also has a strong influence in the international film world, having been invited to participate in “Star Wars Story: Rogue One”, “Xtreme Agent 3”, “Mulan” and other films. During this year’s Shanghai International Film Festival, Donnie Yen brought a new film “Rage: Serious Case”, which is the last work directed by his friend Chen Musheng.

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  Kung fu movies want to play “personal charm”

Donnie Yen’s mother Mai Baochan is an internationally renowned martial artist and Tai Chi master. She has opened martial arts gyms in Hong Kong, China and the United States. Donnie Yen has learned boxing from her mother since she was a child. In the early 1980s, he went to the Beijing Wushu team to study for more than a year.

Donnie Yen said with a smile that his entry into the film industry was purely accidental. It turned out that the sister of the famous martial arts instructor Yuan Heping was once his mother’s apprentice. At that time, Yuan Heping and Jackie Chan cooperated with “Drunken Fist” and “Snake Master” to great success, and began to plan his new film “Drunk Tai Chi”, and hoped that the film could surpass the previous one. To this end, Yuan Heping needs an actor with a solid foundation in martial arts. Just as Donnie Yen returned from Beijing to the United States and passed through Hong Kong, Yuan Heping’s sister recommended Donnie Yen to him.

Donnie Yen, who is set to shine again in "Ip Man 4", once had only $18

Regarding the beginning of his career, Yen Zidan recalled that the shooting of kung fu movies was relatively simple at that time. As long as the actors were enjoyable, thrilled, and played for a long time, the film could sell well, and the audience did not have the rationality of the plot and the actors’ acting skills. Very demanding. At that time, the main force of Kung Fu film shooting in Hong Kong was divided into several teams, such as the Hong Family Class led by Sammo Hung, the Married Family Class, Liu Family Class, and Yuan Family Class.

Vào giữa những năm 1980, Sammo Hung và Jackie Chan đã liên tiếp cho ra mắt các bộ phim như “Kế hoạch A”, “Xe tải thức ăn nhanh” và “Năm ngôi sao may mắn”. Không giống như những bộ phim kung fu cổ trang, những bộ phim hành động thời trang, cảnh sát và hình sự kiểu mới này trở nên phổ biến, thị hiếu khán giả dần thay đổi. . Yuan Heping cũng đang đối mặt với thách thức mới này. Anh ấy thậm chí đã không làm một bộ phim trong ba năm. Tại thời điểm này, anh nhận được một hợp đồng cho “Cảnh sát đặc biệt giết rồng”.

At that time, the young Donnie Yen boldly proposed to Yuan Heping to “play out his personal style.” He observed that in general action movies, after a fierce battle, the camera will follow the person who was beaten, so that everyone can see whether he was beaten up, knocked down, or hit something. But in Bruce Lee’s movies, the last shot is always reserved for Bruce Lee. “But you didn’t think it was bad, and you didn’t think he was not powerful enough, but instead you thought he was very attractive. The taste before and after, how he punches, how he takes the punch back after punching, is completely personal charm. .”

Based on the idea of ​​”personal charm” in kung fu movies, Yen Zidan began to study how Hong Kong action movies can be in line with international martial arts trends such as MMA (Mixed Martial Arts), and how to pose after performing a trick. From “Special Police Slaying the Dragon” to “The Royal Sister”, and then to “Slaying the Wolf” and “Ip Man”, Yen Zidan continued to develop his concept of kung fu movies. In his view, the highest level of martial arts movies is to make the audience feel that the characters, stories and actions in the film are the most real; and being able to fight the most real is actually an acting skill.

“A lot of kung fu movies in the past were very beautiful, perfect, and brilliant. For example, if you make ten punches, the other party can definitely block ten punches. But in real life, they are not so perfect. You may not be able to fight, you may not be able to flash. You may even get caught. Every trick may have some shortcomings in it to be true. What is real? Reality is shortcoming.” Yen Zidan combined this understanding of reality with the artistic creation of the action itself to find it for Kung Fu movies. A new way out.

“In recent years, everyone seems to have a misunderstanding, is it because kung fu movies are not popular anymore? It’s not that kung fu movies are not popular, but we didn’t follow the trend to improve it.” In Yen Zidan’s view, kung fu movies are the most precious type of Chinese action movies. Our unique shooting knowledge.

In recent years, Donnie Yen has continuously received invitations from international blockbusters, from “Star Wars” to “Xtreme Agent”. Recently, he will play an important role in “Quick Hunt 4”. In the process of participating in international blockbuster filming, he became more and more sure of this feeling, “Their story is actually very simple. We have done the design inside before, but the music, characters, costumes, and the whole packaging make you feel very handsome. Cool. Actually we can do the same.

  Master tricks are like dancing tango

There are many classic sparring scenes in Donnie Yen’s films, such as fighting Jet Li in “A Man Is Self-improvement”, fighting Wu Jing in “Slaying the Wolf”, and fighting Tyson in “Ip Man 3”. Both left a deep impression on the audience.

Yen Zidan said: “A master’s tricks are like tango. How two people work together well and whether they can create a new height of combination will test everyone’s understanding and skills. This is very subtle.”

For example, he said, Jackie Chan has his own unique style, “The story changes, the characters change, his style of playing is the same, take a cup, then turn it twice, jump, turn a somersault, wipe his butt, joking. “Therefore, when acting against him, you need to find a balance and express your own personal style at the same time.

Donnie Yen is happy to work with Jet Li – Neuck.com

Donnie Yen said that in the cooperation with so many martial arts stars, two people made him feel good, and one of them was Jet Li. In “Men should be self-improvement”, Jet Li’s role of Huang Feihong is of course very powerful, but Yen Zidan, who plays the opponent, believes that he must express a certain state, and Tsui Hark has asked himself to play it in order to create the strongest pressure on Huang Feihong. . “Everyone is going all out, using the fastest speed. Jet Li is really fast, he is fast, I want to be faster, he is faster. If you take a shot slower, all the lights will say come again, you just Sorry, everyone has to play the best. Jet Li is indeed a formidable opponent.”

The second opponent to bring great pressure is Tyson. Donnie Yen is a boxing fan of Tyson. Tyson was found when filming “Ip Man 3”. Donnie Yen said that he was excited like a little fan. But Donnie Yen is also very clear that Tyson can punch, but he can’t shoot, and he doesn’t keep his hands when filming. “I remember when I was fighting against him, I told myself that you must be very cautious. Don’t think you are making a movie. You really have to treat him as if you are fighting him in a boxing ring. A little bit careless. A little bit careless, don’t talk about KO, it will be 𝙙𝙚𝙖𝙙ly.”

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