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The Walking Dead: The 10 Best BIPOC Characters

The Walking Dead has had very good BIPOC representation from its first season, and many BIPOC characters have become fan favorites.

The Walking Dead has seen many characters come and go through its 11-season run. And many of them have been BIPOC, including some of both the biggest heroes and villains, along with some who have had supporting roles – in stark contrast to many major Hollywood productions today.

Some have sacrificed themselves for others, others made poor choices, and some were – and are – fan favorites. In summary, there’s no shortage of choice when it comes to selecting the most memorable, likable, and exciting BIPOC characters on the long-running AMC series.

10. T-Dog

T-Dog remains one of the characters fans believe was gone too soon. But he left in epic fashion, as one of several characters who sacrificed themselves for the group on The Walking Dead. After being bitten, T-Dog stayed back so walkers would attack him so that Carol could escape.

T-Dog had some memorable moments through the series, including his rooftop feud with Merle. But he remains one of the most selfless and kind people the group came across, so it’s unfortunate that he didn’t have an opportunity to shine beyond the first three seasons.

9. Sasha

Sasha is another character who sacrificed herself, and in epic fashion. She was tough, smart, and even after being held captive, she never lost her fight. Instead of allowing Negan to use her as a bargaining chip, she accepted a pill from Eugene that would kill her. The plan was that she could emerge from the coffin Negan held her in for transport as a walker.

Her plan didn’t quite work as Negan got out of the way in time. But it sent a strong message that her group was not weak and would never back down from a fight. She was one of the most respected, talented, and brave members of the group.

8 . Connie

Connie is not only one of the best BIPOC characters on The Walking Dead, she is also one of two deaf or hard of hearing actors to have roles. Connie instantly emerged as a fan favorite, particularly since she won the heart of long-time fan favorite Daryl.

Connie proved she could survive just about anything after managing to escape seemingly un-survivable things, including a massive cave blast and even feral walkers that looked like they came right out of a horror movie. She has not only adapted to every situation, Connie has overcome obstacles that have made her stronger.

7. Kelly

In the role of Connie’s younger sister, who is also hard of hearing, fans love Kelly because of her innocence and heart of gold. But they also appreciate how deeply protective she is of her older sister, as well as her dedication to the group, and doing anything she can to help out.

Sweet, skilled, and eager to learn, Kelly has never shied away from a challenge. She represents not only one of the strongest characters on the show, but also one of the strongest younger characters.

6. Glenn

There’s no denying that Glenn is one of the most popular characters from the show. Many fans, in fact, believe that Glenn from The Walking Dead should have lived. Whatever the opinion about his tragic death scene, Glenn represented the BIPOC community well.

He had one of the most interesting character arcs on the show, going from crafty pizza delivery boy to fierce fighter, husband, and soon-to-be father. No matter the situation, he never lost his humanity or sense of hope. Glenn always led with heart, but also reason: he never let his emotions get the better of him.

5. Morgan

While the jury is out in terms of fan opinions on Morgan, who has since moved on to head up the spin-off series Fear the Walking Dead, there’s no denying that he is one of the most memorable and exciting BIPOC characters from the show.

Morgan has had one of the most intense personal journeys on the series and remains one of only a few people who appeared in the pilot episode to still be on the show (or spin-off). He has gone through periods of strength, trauma, defeat, passion, hopelessness, and moral ambiguity, but he has always emerged stronger each time.

4. Michonne

There’s no better female fighter and leader on the show than Michonne. If there was someone from the show fans would want by their side in the wake of a zombie apocalypse, Michonne would be high on the list.

Not only that, but she is also a solid friend and amazing mother, having taught Judith everything she knows. Michonne is also loyal and determined. This is evidenced in her departure story, which provided plenty of great moments in Michonne’s final episode of The Walking Dead. In the episode, she decided to try and locate Rick once she learned that he might actually be alive. Michonne was never afraid to make tough decisions but she was also rational and had one of the biggest hearts of any character on the show, past and present.

3. Ezekiel

Once considered a king, Ezekiel is a charismatic leader with a heart of gold who managed to win over Carol and her initial skepticism about him. Anyone who can tame and train a tiger as Ezekiel did with Shiva is pretty impressive.

But most importantly, Ezekiel represents a person who is strong, moral, and carries a sense of hope with him. He took Henry in as his own son, kept a community safe and provided for by putting on a show of strength (using his acting abilities), and never ruled as a tyrant.

2. Father Gabriel

Father Gabriel has had one of the greatest redemptions on The Walking Dead. He went from being a scared and guilt-ridden priest who left his parishioners outside to die to a confident man who emerged as a leader in the group.

While Gabriel has made some questionable decisions and shown a much darker side of himself, he is also most concerned with protecting his friends and newfound family. And it’s his faith that drives him still, even if he might question it now more than he ever did before.

1. Tyreese

Tyreese had several opportunities to act on anger and revenge, such as when he discovered that it was Carol who killed his girlfriend because she was sick. But Tyreese always kept his emotions in check and his regard for others top of mind.

It’s Tyreese who not only saved Judith from certain death but then carried her with him and protected her until they were reunited with Rick. Tyreese was also protective over his little sister Sasha. He was an overall valued member of the team who thought with reason and purpose instead of reacting with emotion and anger, even when most people in his place would have acted with violence.

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