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‘Eternals’ managed to reunite great figures of entertainment and, although it still has not managed to draw actors like Tom Cruise and Will Smith into its ranks, their energy was present as they served as inspiration for one of the characters.

With the premiere of Eternals, we are about to meet a new group of heroes like we have never seen in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The cast includes a lot of diversity in all the trenches, among them Kumail Nanjiani stands out, who plays Kingo, and whose movements are inspired by two great Hollywood action movies: Tom cruise and Will Smith.

Without giving spoilers, there comes a point in the movie where The Eternals must blend in with humans to go unnoticed. Kingo becomes a Bollywood actor, so the actor who plays him has been studying films from his childhood in order to bring this moment of the character to life. But Kingo is more than just a self-centered movie star, he is an action superhero and to do so he must act like one.

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What better inspiration than the actor of the entire saga of Mission Impossible and am I a legend? But not only they served as a base. In an interview for Hemispheres, Kumail he said he also saw The legend of Zorro, a film that almost stars Luis Mi, and some of Denzel Washington. “For the action part, I saw The Fox, Errol Flynn and old school swashbuckling movies. And I saw a bunch of iconic movie stars – Robert Redford, Paul Newman, Tom Cruise, Will Smith, Denzel … to try and see what these guys have that makes them movie stars. “

Kingo is one of the 10 Eternals that are featured in the film, directed by the Oscar winner Chloe zhao. Despite having shared immortality, these beings have different powers that make them unique. In Kingo’s case, he emits projectiles of cosmic energy with his hands; and other characters, like Salma Hayek’s, can heal, and Angelina Jolie’s can materialize weapons. It is for this reason that Kumail Nanjiani considers that each of the actors prepared in a different way to give life to The Eternals.

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