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Watch Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly Adorably Quiz Each Other and Recall Their ‘Epic’ First Date

Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly shared their favorite movies, bucket list items and more in a couple's quiz for GQ

Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly are putting their relationship to the test.

The Jennifer’s Body star, 35, and the “Bloody Valentine” musician, 31, appeared together on the cover of British GQ Style’s Autumn/Winter 2021 issue and took the magazine’s couple’s quiz to accompany their cover feature.

In a 15-minute video, Fox and Kelly take turns testing their knowledge of everything from their partner’s favorite movie to their go-to way to unwind.

Fox kicks off the questions by asking Kelly to name all of her tattoos, but the rapper gets off to a rough start when he can’t nail the exact phrase Fox has inked on her back.

When Kelly guesses, “Butterflies have gilded wings,” Fox tells him to try again. “Close, you’re in the vicinity. That’s not correct, but do you know what it’s from?”

Kelly replies, “Oscar Wilde,” but Fox says, “No, Shakespeare,” and prompts him to try one more time.

megan fox, machine gun kelly

After a little help, he gets the correct answer: “We will all laugh at gilded butterflies,” a quote from Shakespeare’s King Lear. He redeems himself with the next few questions, like an item on Fox’s bucket list (“be abducted by a UFO”) and her pet peeve (the sound of people chewing).

Kelly also reveals sweet details about the couple’s first date during the quiz. The two met on the set of their film Midnight in the Switchgrass and later went public with their relationship last summer.

“Our first date was epic. I picked you up in an old-school Cadillac and I had thousands of roses,” Kelly says, adding that the couple dined on sushi on a hill overlooking L.A.’s Topanga Canyon and shared a kiss.

“Our first date, we breathed each other,” he says. “That’s what we did.”

After a streak of success, Kelly struggles through a question about the name of Fox’s character in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, even though he admits his favorite photo of Fox is a still from the film.

megan fox, machine gun kelly

“It’s the cutest picture I’ve ever seen in my life and I send her it often. She hates me for it,” he says, before Fox reveals she played April O’Neil in the 2014 action film.

When it’s Fox’s turn in the hot seat, Kelly grills her with the same question she initially asked him: “How many tattoos do I have?”

But Fox demurs, telling him, “That’s literally impossible to calculate. You’ve tattooed on top of your tattoos, on top of your tattoos.”

When her boyfriend quizzes her about his favorite TV shows, Fox reveals Kelly is a big Nicole Kidman fan, counting Big Little Lies, Nine Perfect Strangers and The Undoing as some of his top series.

Fox also spills about the couple’s last vacation, when they took a trip to Bora Bora in January, where she and Kelly walked on a gravel road for “an eternity because we ate mushrooms,” before adding, “those mushrooms were very strong.”

Fox later teases Kelly, comparing him to a meerkat despite his protestations.

“You can literally Google any Machine Gun Kelly photo and then if you also Google any meerkat photo and you split-screen those, you cannot tell the difference,” Fox says. “No one has ever looked more like an animal.”

When Kelly asks what if Fox knows his sun sign, she says she has his whole astrological chart memorized, and lists his moon, rising and more.

After Fox shows off her skills, Kelly jokes that she’s the clear victor.

“Well obviously, you win this game,” he tells her before the couple agrees they tied with matching scores of 99% — but only because they each gave each other plenty of bonus points.

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