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All the Step-by-Step Details of the New Skin Care Routine Beloved by Kim Kardashian and Megan Fox

Skin expert Dr. Simon Ourian gave E! News all the deets of his new skin care line, used at home by Megan Fox, Kim Kardashian and Kris Jenner to achieve the red carpet glow.

Dr. Simon Ourian has been Kim Kardashian’s go-to skin guru for years. She’s regularly photographed heading in and out of his Beverly Hills-based practice and credits him with helping maintain her flawless complexion.

Now, with the launch of his new MDO Boost line of products ($229 for the set), Kim and his other celebrity clients, including Megan Fox and Kris Jenner, can do their own upkeep at home.

“[Kim] has to be camera-ready 24/7,” Ourian exclusively tells E! News. But here’s the best news for the non-rich and famous: The price point makes his line accessible for fans around the world, without a trip to Beverly Hills.

The products use “the best formulas we could find,” Ourian shares. “I started working on this line maybe 20 years ago, but it’s taken time to get to this point. Ten years ago, it was so unattainable. Something like this would have been maybe $1,000 a bottle. Now, we have the technology to deliver it for much less.”

And yes, the Kardashian-Jenners have raved about it as part of their at-home routine. According to Ourian, “So many of my clients cannot come to my office all the time, but want something to help them improve their skin. And there was really a void of pharmaceutical-grade product that was safe and luxurious and effective and trusted.”

So, what’s involved? A three-week system of products applied to clean skin at night, followed by moisturizer, along with a sculpting wand. Here’s how to get glowing skin fit for the red carpet.

Week 1: Slow down the aging process with the Hyaluronic Filler Ampoules (aka BYE BYE LINES)

Who doesn’t want to wave goodbye to their creases? In week one, nightly application of the Hyaluronic Filler Ampoules “penetrates your skin faster and allows your skin to plump,” Ourian explains. 

Week 2: Accelerate cell renewal with the Powerful EGF Ampoules (ELEVATE ME)

“This has a very strong growth factor that causes your skin to have better elasticity,” he says.

Dr. Ourian

Week 3: Vitamin C Glow Ampoules (GO WITH THE GLOW)

“These will give you a nice glow and get rid of discoloration. Depending how deep your discoloration is, you may need to use it longer,” the skin expert notes.

Ourian recommends following the application of each ampoule with use of the sculpting wand, then applying his Intense Hydrating Moisturizer and using the wand a second time to ensure full absorption. “Starting at the jawline, place the Sculpting Wand on your skin and gently push the bar upwards along your temples,” Ourian recommends. “Repeat until the product has been fully absorbed and move onto the next area.” 

Dr. Ourian

The end goal is to get skin healthier and closer to its original, youthful condition.

“Everyone is born with beautiful skin,” he says. “But we lose certain qualities as we get older due to things like environmental exposure. The blueprint is there; we just kind of have to jolt it to go back to its natural, beautiful form. Once you have beautiful skin, everything else falls into place. I’ve never seen anyone who has beautiful skin who isn’t attractive.”  

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