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Gal Gadot to play the Evil Queen in Disney’s live-action Snow White

Gadot is in final talks to star opposite Rachel Zegler in Marc Webb's live-action adaptation of the animated classic

Gal Gadot is making a big move to Disney, apparently, with Deadline reporting tonight that the Wonder Woman star is in final negotiations to play the Evil Queen in the company’s upcoming live-action Snow White adaptation.

And, hey, we know what you’re probably thinking: Didn’t Disney already do one of these? But no: You’re probably thinking of Snow White And The Huntsman and its 2016 sequel, which were produced by Universal Pictures, and presented a more, let’s say, radical interpretation of the Brothers Grimm’s conveniently public domain fable. Disney has so far resisted the urge to feed this particular piece of its history into the live-action remake woodchipper, but, you know what they say: Woodchipper gotta ‘chip.

As we reported back in June, Amazing Spider-Man director Marc Webb is set to helm the film, which has cast West Side Story’s Rachel Zegler as its titular princess. This is, as far as we can tell, the biggest gulf Disney has ever attempted to leap between animated original and live-action remake; if the movie hits a very tentative 2022 release date, it’ll do so 85 years after Snow White And The Seven Dwarfs became one of the first smash-hit animated features in American cinematic history.

Technically, we should note, this isn’t Godot’s first turn with Disney—although she joined 20th Century Films’ upcoming Agatha Christie production Death On The Nile just six months after Disney’s acquisition of the studio was finalized. She’s previously been a marquee star for Warner Bros., obviously, but has always been something of a free agent; she got her start in American film with an appearance in Universal’s Fast And Furious franchise.

The role of the Evil Queen—no further name typically given—is a particularly juicy one, especially if Godot gets to go wild on the “old lady apple seller” part of the equation. Lucille La Verne played the character in the original Disney film, while Charlize Theron tackled it for the Huntsmen movies. The most interesting version in recent years, though, is probably the one from ABC’s Once Upon A Time, which saw Lana Parrilla try to find some human notes in a character most famous for her murderous intentions with fruit.

Gadot currently stars in Netflix’s Red Notice, which had its premiere earlier this evening.

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