Tom Cruise fan hand delivers invite to watch Top Gun as star moors his yacht in Cornwall

A surfer paddled to the £35 million superyacht Tom Cruise has moored off the Cornish coast to make sure the actor knew the film was on – and personally invite him to a showing

A surfer hand delivered an invite to Tom Cruise’s superyacht to watch a clifftop cinema showing of Top Gun in Cornwall.

The Hollywood actor, who famously plays Maverick in the film, was spotted mooring his £35 million boat off the coast of Newquay.

His timing to be in the area is perfect as Wavelength Cinema is showing his cult classic on the clifftop of Watergate, just across the bay.

Earlier in the week, knowing Tom was in Cornwall, Wavelength Cinema’s press team got in touch with Paramount to talk about him attending the showing on Thursday, July 29.

When they failed to get a response, and with Tom’s boat sitting in view of the cinema, Wavelength’s Managing Director Guy Hayler jumped on a surfboard and paddled out to hand deliver the actor an invite in a waterproof wallet.

Guy revealed what he had done in a blog post on Wavelength’s website.

Guy Hayler hands a crew member the invite to see Top Gun at a clifftop cinema

He wrote: “With his [Tom’s] boat sitting within view of the Wavelength Drive-In Cinema and only metres away from Fistral Beach, I took the opportunity to jump on a surfboard and paddled out to hand deliver his invite to the show.

“Many a bystander, who had been waiting for hours, were eager to know if it really was the Top Gun hero – Tom Cruise aka Maveric

“The only question now is will Goose be there on Thursday too?”

Photos show the invite being handed over to a crew member – rather than the Top Gun star himself.

But it remains to be seen whether Tom or his crew will turn up to see the film in a few days’ time.

Tom, who is known for his love of England, has been spotted in various places around the UK recently.

The £35 million superyacht Tom Cruise is sailing around the Cornish coast on

Earlier this month, he attended several of the Wimbledon matches, including the final which saw Novak Djokovic win a record-breaking 20th Grand Slam title.

Later that same day he was seen at Wembley for England’s Euro final defeat against Italy, where he fist-bumped David Beckham in the crowd.

The yacht Tom is currently cruising on is thought to be called Triple Seven and has room for 12 guests, plus a crew of 17.

Tom Cruise pictured at Wimbledon in July
Tom Cruise pictured at Wimbledon in July ( Image: AGZ / SplashNews.com)

It is said to have a lavish interior, jacuzzi, multiple dining areas and even its own water slide.

Locals have reported seeing Tom and fellow actor Simon Pegg in the area recently, sparking rumours they could be working on a new film together.

Tom and Simon recently filmed the latest Mission Impossible 7 film over in the UK with much of the upcoming movie being filmed on location in London and Derbyshire

There are rumours Tom Cruise could be working on a new movie with Simon Pegg
There are rumours Tom Cruise could be working on a new movie with Simon Pegg ( Image: X00360)

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