Watch Taylor Swift Go Out Of Her Way To Talk About Selena Gomez On The Tonight Show

This speaks volumes about their friendship.

Taylor Swift stopped by two late-night talk shows last night to mark the release of her re-recorded Red album that came out at midnight, and during her visit to The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, Swift found a way to bring Selena Gomez up when it was truly least expected.

Swift and Fallon were playing the show’s Box of Lies game, where each took turns describing what random item was in the box they picked to the other. The person hearing the description then had to guess whether or not that was actually what was in the box.

Watch Taylor Swift Go Out of Her Way to Talk About Selena Gomez on 'The Tonight  Show'

Swift kicked off the game by bringing Gomez into it. In the first box she picked, she told Fallon,“I don’t have to lie [about its contents] because I’m very excited to tell you that it’s a Wizards of Waverly Place DVD with a weird ribbon around it that says ‘I see corn.’” Gomez, of course, starred on the Disney Channel’s Wizards of Waverly Place TV series as a kid and teen.

Fallon guessed she was telling the truth, and Swift revealed she wasn’t entirely. The ribbon was real, but the DVD was made up. “You should’ve known I was lying because I will do anything to bring up Selena Gomez. Anything!” Swift exclaimed, offering a little glimpse into how much she admires Gomez 13 years into their friendship.

In January 2020, Gomez opened up to WSJ magazine about the two’s private dynamic and how deep their bond is. “There’s so much of my friendship with Taylor that people don’t know about because we don’t necessarily feel the need to post about everything we do,” Gomez said. “She has showed up for me in ways that I would have never expected. Flown in because I was hurt and was going through something. Stuff that was going on with my family. It’s been proven year after year and in every moment of my life that she is one of my best friends in the world. We don’t agree on everything, but we respect each other with everything.”

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