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Another Celeb Is Coming for Your Junk Food

Today in “Who asked for this?” news, Gal Gadot announced the launch of Goodles, a “healthy” take on boxed macaroni and cheese. “This is huge,” Gadot said in a Twitter video announcing the news. Debatable, but let’s move on.

Goodles promises to be a “delicious, nutrient-packed” version of everyone’s favorite 2 a.m. snack. According to a press release, each box has “21 nutrients from organic vegetables,” and key Goodles ingredients include nutrients “extracted” from “organic spinach, organic kale, organic pumpkin.” The mac ’n’ cheese comes in four flavors: Cheddy Mac (think traditional Kraft), Mover & Shaker, Twist My Parm, and Shella Good. Goodles has promised to donate “at least one percent of all products sold to organizations feeding families in need.” It’s what Wonder Woman would want.

Speaking of the launch with People, Gadot said that she was inspired to join the company as a co-founder by a lifelong love of boxed mac ’n’ cheese. “Mac ’n’ cheese is delicious but it is really bad for you so I was always looking for a better, healthier alternative,” she told the magazine, adding that it was a “really great post-workout snack.” (Walking from the stove to the fridge making this mac ’n’ cheese counts as a workout, right?)

Gadot isn’t the first celeb to make it her mission to make comfort food “healthy.” From Skinnygirl founder Bethenny Frankel to spokesperson for healthy pizza rolls Scarlett Johansson, stars of all kinds love to find ways to take delicious, caloric junk food, and turn it into a reminder that you should really be eating healthier.

But Gadot isn’t stopping at quick meals. Goodles seems to have bigger lifestyle-brand aspirations. Already, the company is selling merch, including $35 hats, a dog hoodie, special branded roller skates, and something called “The Shredder,” which appears to be a skateboard with four detachable bowls on it. Just don’t try to ride it. The site specifies the Shredder is “not for actual skateboard riding, tricks, etc.”


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