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‘Fear The Walking Dead’ 7×05 Recap: “Till Death”

We finally caught up with Dwight and Sherry. The last time we saw them they were dragging a couple of Teddy’s hoodlums out of a storm cellar for a family and then hid with them during the fallout.

Let’s recap!

Warning: It’s about to get spoiler-y!

The Dark Horses

The episode begins with Dwight (Austin Amelio) and Sherry (Christine Evangelista) having a run-in with a few people. Supplies have grown more scarce than usual. The two of them have gained a reputation for being ruthless with those who try to steal from others or try to harm them. They’ve become known as the Dark Horses.

While we’ve seen how bad it can be close to the center of the nuclear fallout site, Dwight and Sherry and the family they stay with aren’t as close. It’s quite a different point of view that gives a really good idea of how far apart the group is.

Still, their shelter is falling apart, so it is time to think about leaving and giving up on Padre. Dwight and Sherry don’t want to.

Not long after they do, Sherry and Dwight are cornered and captured by Howard (Omid Abtahi) and more of Strand’s (Colman Domingo) soldiers. From there, they are brought to the Tower. Much like the ones before, the reunion is tense. It grows more so when Strand dares to call his place a sanctuary. Both Sherry and Dwight have heard that before and know that this isn’t a sanctuary. We shudder when Strand dares to utter that.

A Proposal

Dwight and Sherry are proposed with finding and recovering a member of the Tower, Mickey. If they do, they’ll have a place in the Tower. Sherry and Dwight are quick to say no because of how Strand’s sweet-talking of the Tower is sounding creepy.

Sherry is fast to say no and Dwight doesn’t interject. They don’t want any part of anything that reminds them of their nasty history in the Sanctuary.

In any case, they still have their own personal mission. To find Padre. The two of them can’t help but contemplate that maybe Mickey is searching for her husband the way Dwight searched for Sherry. Reminding the two of them of their own journey to find one another, they go to look for her.

A Star is Remembered

When Dwight and Sherry finally find Mickey (Aisha Tyler), Dwight is excited. Realizing that Mickey is a part of a tag team in wrestling entertainment. Though in the midst of a major geek-out, Dwight and Sherry want to help Mickey find Cliff and then continue the search for Padre.

That changes when they go back to the storm cellar and find the family dead. Dwight worries that maybe Strand is right about the tower being the only place that can protect them in this new world. Sherry disagrees and chooses to continue the search for Cliff with Mickey.

It is understandable that Sherry chooses to go on. Dwight needs a moment to rethink their steps. They can still work on finding Padre. So Sherry and Mickey make their way to the gym that Mickey and Cliff owned.

Dwight winds up finding one of the horses he and Sherry lost and the man that had killed the family. Strand has them killed. This further proves that the Tower isn’t a safe place and Strand has turned into a dictator comparable to Negan.

Sherry and Mickey have succeeded in finding Cliff, but he is a walker. The only place the two of them can go is into a wrestling ring in the center of the gym but they are quickly surrounded. Right as the two women are ready to give in and call Strand, Dwight shows up and tells them the truth about this situation.

Finding Padre
As the three of them reel from loss and heartache, they realize they will eventually learn to move on. What gets us so emotionally excited is Dwight admitting that he wants to have a baby with Sherry, though he worries about being able to raise it in this nuclear world. We are overwhelmed to hear such news. The two have been through so much and overcome more than their fair share. This is some happy news we’re thrilled to bask in.

With Mickey now joining the ranks of the Dark Horses, the three of them set out to find Padre once more. Not far into it, they get called over the walkie from people claiming to need help. When they arrive, they realize nobody is in danger. Though only one person is there to meet them, they are quickly surrounded by others. Instantly, they are assured this isn’t an ambush. This is an invitation to join up with another crew that is also searching for Padre.

There’s so much hype about Padre, this safe place away from the nuclear wasteland. Alicia has been busy! And we miss her and hope to see her at some point this season. With so much coming to a head about Padre, we’re getting ever more curious about what this mythological place looks like.

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