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Point Break 2 Script Follows Keanu Reeves’ Character’s Daughter

Point Break screenwriter reveals he has written a TV script that follows the daughter of Johnny Utah, the undercover agent played by Keanu Reeves.

W. Peter Iliff, screenwriter of Point Break, has penned a script for a Point Break sequel series that focuses on the daughter of Johnny Utah, the undercover cop played in the film by Keanu Reeves. Directed by Oscar-winner Kathryn Bigelow, Point Break (1991) follows Utah as he infiltrates a gang of adrenaline junkie bank robbers led by the charismatic surfer, Bodhi (Patrick Swayze).

Since its release, Point Break has achieved cult classic status, with fans praising the complex, at times homoerotic relationship between Utah and Bodhi. Nevertheless, a remake was released and promptly panned in 2015. The film’s death-defying action sequences couldn’t save the joyless plot, and it was ultimately a box office bomb.

Now, Iliff confirms that he hopes to revive the beloved thriller, with Slash Film reporting that the screenwriter has written a script for a Point Break TV series. Per Iliff’s description, the series will follow Utah’s daughter, who, following a life as a professional snowboarder-turned-thrill-seeking-addict, gets sober and joins the FBI. There, she follows in her dad’s footsteps by going undercover, this time posing as an ecoterrorist. “It’s the same [question as in ‘Point Break’],” says Iliff. “Which side of the badge are you on?” Read Iliff breaking down the series’ ecoterrorism angle below:

“There are two sides to the [ecoterrorism] movement. There are those who are trying to get corporations to do the right thing to save our planet. And there are those who’ll put a gun in their hand and maybe rob a bank to fund their more violent approach. The FBI is after these people. She’s sent to go deep undercover with this group and it’s the same [question as in Point Break]: which side of the badge are you on?”

Iliff goes on to provide more details on his script. Central to the story is the mystery of Point Break’s Johnny Utah, who is missing and presumed dead. The screenwriter also mentions that his script contains a Bodhi doppelganger who’s sure to charm and mesmerize Utah’s undercover daughter. Instead of a big wave surfer, the character is a solo mountain climber named Cyprus.

Unfortunately for fans of Utah and his would-be progeny, the 2015 flop may leave all future Point Break projects dead in the water. Following the film’s financial failure, the production company that holds the rights to Point Break will be hard-pressed to take another chance on a spin-off. The TV series isn’t the first attempt, however, to revive Point Break. A sequel titled Point Break: Indo was apparently in the works in 2007 with Patrick Swayze attached, but the project fell apart by 2009. If Iliff wants to get his Point Break series off the ground and attract financing, he may need to divorce his script even more from the classic film.

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