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Gal Gadot’s 10 Best Movies (According To Metacritic)

Gal Gadot is mostly known to movie fans as the DCEU's iteration of Wonder Woman but which of her movies overall are best in the eyes of critics?

Gal Gadot is mostly known to movie fans as the DCEU’s iteration of Wonder Woman but which of her movies overall are best in the eyes of critics?

If you’ve ever found yourself wondering which of her movies are considered to be the best then this list of her top 10 highest-rated movies on review aggregate site Metacritic should make things a little clearer. Let’s dive in to see how critics have responded to Gal Gadot’s acting career so far.

10. Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice (44)

Though a devoutly beloved movie to some, the second movie in the DCEU was famously mauled by critics and began an intense debate about movie criticism in relation to the burgeoning field of superhero movies that still persists to this day.

Batman v Superman introduced audiences to Gadot’s take on the iconic DC character Wonder Woman, setting up her first solo movie and the next movie on our list…

9. Justice League (45)

Though received with more positivity by critics than Batman v Superman, the first live-action Justice League movie underperformed in most areas but continued a streak of positive coverage regarding Gadot’s Wonder Woman.

The movie had clearly been cut down and reshaped into something more MCU-like by director Joss Whedon, who took over from original director Zack Snyder under somewhat contentious circumstances, and fans would campaign for years to finally see Snyder’s original vision for the movie released for public consumption.

8. Fast & Furious (46)

Gadot’s entrance into the Fast & Furious franchise came just as the series of movies was reinventing itself and gearing up for its biggest successes, moving further away from street racing and further towards international crime, espionage, and action.

Her character, Gisele, starts out as an accomplice of the movie’s mysterious villain but quickly shows herself to be an ally to the heroes and soon joins their main crew.

7. Knight And Day (46)

Again playing an accomplice of the main villain, but in a much more limited role, Gadot appears very briefly in this comedy action thriller starring Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz.

Following Diaz’s average citizen as she’s thrown into an international conspiracy with Cruise’s overly-enthusiastic superspy, the movie wasn’t a massive hit and has fallen into relative obscurity despite its impressive cast.

6. Triple 9 (52)

An even more incredible cast makes up this similarly overlooked crime thriller from director John Hillcoat. The brutal story revolves around a desperate heist in which none of the characters can trust each other.

Gadot takes a relatively small role in the movie as a relative of Kate Winslet’s main villain, a ruthless kingpin figure controlling the thieves.

5. Date Night (56)

Gadot only makes a brief appearance in this star-studded mix-up comedy (along with a number of other notable actors in smaller supporting roles throughout the movie, including Mark Wahlberg, James Franco, Mila Kunis, Mark Ruffalo, Kristen Wiig and many more) with leads Steve Carrell and Tina Fey taking center stage.

The plot follows a married couple searching for a way to reignite the spark in their relationship when an impromptu decision results in a daring crime caper across their titular date night.

4. Fast & Furious 6 (61)

Gadot was back as Gisele for her final Fast & Furious appearance so far in the sixth installment but, considering how often popular characters return to the series despite impossible odds, it may not be her last ever.

By this point in the franchise, the main crew of racers have effectively become globe-trotting superspies and head to London to take on their biggest villain, at that point, in the form of Luke Evans’ master criminal.

3. Fast Five (66)

Bringing together a number of the franchise’s main characters and side characters to form a Car-vengers, of sorts, the fifth Fast & Furious movie continued on the fourth movie’s course and took the racers to Rio de Janeiro for an ambitious heist.

Fast Five was also very notable in the franchise for being the first movie to introduce Dwayne Johnson’s character, Luke Hobbs, who would become a franchise mainstay and even get his own spinoff movie years later.

2. Ralph Breaks The Internet (71)

The sequel to Disney’s hit animated movie Wreck-It Ralph was another success with both critics and audiences, taking the titular character from the world of arcade games to the wider world of the web.

Gadot voices the role of Shank in the movie, the leader of a gang of tough street racers in an online game (no doubt as a nod to her role as Gisele in the Fast & Furious movies), and becomes integral to the character development going on at the heart of the story.

1. Wonder Woman (76)

The first major breakthrough of the DCEU with both an overwhelming majority of fans and critics, Gadot’s first solo Wonder Woman movie, following her debut in Batman v Superman the previous year, provided a long-overdue origin story for the character on the big screen and acted as a landmark for comic book adaptations and female-directed blockbusters.

Set mostly during the First World War, Patty Jenkins’ rousing adventure story struck all the right chords and a sequel was promptly greenlit for the infamous heroine.

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