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The Walking Dead: Word Beyond: Hope Just Took [Spoiler] as a Hostage

In "Returning Point," Leo and his group finally escape the CRM's facility, but they took someone unexpected -- and important -- with them.

WARNING: The following article contains spoilers for The Walking Dead: World Beyond Season 2, Episode 8, “Returning Point,” which aired Sunday, November 21st on AMC.

Ever since Jadis made her reappearance as World Beyond’s new villain, she has been on an investigative rampage. When she arrived at the CRM’s research facility, she knew that there were a number of things that needed to be done, and she didn’t waste any time. Recently, she confirmed her suspicions that Leo and his daughters had become suspicious of the CRM and needed to be realigned.

All of Jadis’ efforts ended up being for nothing, though, because, in “Returning Point,” Leo and his daughters reached their breaking point. They activated their escape plan, and it turns out the plan had a special twist. While Leo was concerned about not furthering the CRM’s monstrous ends, he wasn’t against having a little leverage. So, Hope took Mason — one of her classmates — as a hostage, and he could be really important to their plan going forward.

At the end of last week’s episode, Jadis promoted Leo to head of Project Votus, but that was a twisted turn of events, as his promotion came at the cost of Dr. Belshaw’s life — his colleague and lover. Jadis’s intention was to remind Leo that the CRM didn’t have any problem eliminating dissenters, even important ones. However, Jadis didn’t want Leo to fear for his own life; she was effectively threatening his daughters, Hope and Iris.

Jadis thought that this would be more than enough motivation for Leo to fall back in line, but she was wrong. By making Leo privy to the details of Project Votus, she admitted all of the CMR’s previous misdeeds and future plots, which only pushed Leo further away. Convinced that running was the only viable action, Leo and his group put their escape plan into motion. First, though, he convinced all of the CRM’s scientists to erase their research and escape with them. It wasn’t even that hard, as they were all appalled at being complicit to the massacres at Omaha.

Just as they were escaping, Jadis caught wind of things and enacted her own counter measures. When none of them reported in for a “standard evacuation drill,” she initiated a full-facility lockdown. That however, was part of the plan. By “trapping” themselves in the Bio-containment unit, Leo and his group had accomplished their escape. The CRM soldiers couldn’t get in until a full system reboot was completed, so Leo’s group had ample time to drill through the floor and into the old mining tunnels below.

Leo, Iris, Hope, Percy, Felix and the scientists all escaped, but they also brought along some leverage. Before being locked inside of the Bio-containment unit, Hope lured Mason inside with her to. Mason isn’t just some friend of hers, though. He is the son of Major General Beale – the top commander in the CRM. That’s about the best leverage they could have, and they are going to need it. They might have made it out of the CRM’s facility, but Jadis immediately began hunting them and already rescinded all arrest protocols, favoring deadly force instead.

Hope promised that no one was going to hurt Mason, but things could get ugly fast. Major General Beale was the one who started Project Votus in the first place, and because of that, he clearly doesn’t have a problem with killing thousands of people to advance his purposes. So, maybe he will negotiate to save his son’s life, or maybe he will simply see him as collateral damage. If that’s the case, Mason could be in real trouble going forward.

To see how they use Mason as a hostage, tune into The Walking Dead: World Beyond. The series airs Sundays at 10 p.m. ET/PT on AMC and is available to stream early on AMC+.

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