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Gal Gadot Thought Dwayne Johnson Was Going To ‘Crush’ Her Toes During This ‘Red Notice’ Scene

Gal Gadot pulls down her face mask for a quick minute after picking up a few items from her local Bristol Farms market in Los Angeles on Sunday (November 28).

The 36-year-old actress kept it casual for the convenience run as she was in an out of the store quickly after purchasing some food items.

Just recently, Gal opened up about her role in Netflix’s Red Notice, and how she was particularly worried about one certain scene – the dance scene – with Dwayne Johnson.

“I kept telling D.J. we’ve got to practice. We’ve got to make sure we have this, we’ve got to rehearse,” Gal recalled to IMdb. “He was so cool and kept on saying, ‘Don’t worry. It’s gonna be OK.’ And I was like, ‘No, you don’t understand. My toes! We’ve gotta practice’.

Gal Gadot Thought Dwayne Johnson Was Going To 'Crush' Her Toes During This 'Red  Notice' Scene | Gal Gadot | Just Jared

Dwayne then joked that Gal was thinking he was going to crush her toes “like she was dancing with a buffalo.”

Toe injuries actually became a concern for Gal, after she cut one of her big toes in another scene while filming the movie.

“I was bleeding. I almost died,” Gal joked. “You know the part when I’m kicking the handcuffs? Then I cut my toe. I just went all for it.”

Dwayne then pointed out that she kept going.

“At that time there was so much blood on the set. We were all concerned, EMTs were coming in, everyone was coming in, making it a big deal,” he said. “And she said something I’ll never forget. She goes, ‘I ain’t got time to bleed,’ and then we just kept shooting. It’s like, holy sh**. She’s my hero!”

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