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Night Teeth Wastes Megan Fox’s Most Sadistic Role

A key scene in Netflix's Night Teeth wastes Megan Fox's most sadistic role ever as a vampire queen.

One of the big selling points of Netflix’s Night Teeth was Megan Fox. Since exiting the Transformers and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles franchises, Fox has been out of the limelight, with only her recent relationship with rap-rocker Machine Gun Kelly bringing her under the microscope again. But while she was no longer Hollywood’s blockbuster girl, when she was cast in Netflix’s Night Teeth, the movie had a grand opportunity. However, as excited as fans were to see her again, they are set up for disappointment because the film wastes her most monstrous role.

Most would believe this title belongs to Fox’s titular role in Jennifer’s Body, but she was a victim in that movie due to a misogynistic rock band trying to sacrifice her to Satan. That made her a sympathetic monster, but in Night Teeth, Fox’s Grace is more of a badass powerhouse.

She’s revealed to be a vampire queen in Los Angeles, and a ruthless one at that. She’s got feeding farms and keeps human pets, and she rules her kind so they don’t overdo it in terms of the blood-sucking. Grace wants to maintain a delicate balance, which is why she banishes Victor, who she knows will upset the food chain and eradicate mankind.

As she warns Victor, who’s breaking the treaty and invading their high-rise to discuss the future, however, Grace holds her partner, Eva, back. She’s tired of the bloodshed but warns Victor either of them will rip him to pieces for this insubordination. It’s quite intimidating, as she’s poised to be unleashed as a ravenous boss, but the film botches the exchange by cutting to Victor in the aftermath of the fight.

It is unclear how he killed the duo, which is underwhelming because they were touted as the baddest vampires around. But it is also disappointing because fans should have seen more of the duo ruling as a gay couple, as well as hints of how they came together and rose to power. And since the movie already shows so many minor vamps fighting as Benny discovers this seedy underworld, it would have been nice for at least this diplomatic scene gone bad to showcase Grace in action.

Having her emotional and enraged, trying to kill Victor for murdering Eva would have added impact and made Victor a much more sinister villain. Sadly, Grace barely gets any screen time, relegating Fox to a glorified cameo that does nothing to develop the vampire higher-ups and their infighting.

See how Megan Fox’s Grace is wasted in Night Teeth, now streaming on Netflix.

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