How Fast & Furious 10 Can Actually Top F9’s Space Travel

The Fast Saga gets more and more outlandish and over-the-top with each installment - here's what Fast & Furious 10 & 11 could add to the series.

The Fast & Furious franchise is bigger and more outlandish than ever, it’s not immediately obvious where Fast & Furious 10 and Fast & Furious 11 can go after F9’s space travel. The Fast Saga, having largely left street racing behind, has defied the expectations of its small-scale origins in 2001’s The Fast and the Furious, which took the basic premise of Point Break and put it on wheels. Eight sequels and a Hobbs & Shaw spin-off later, the Fast Saga is one of the biggest action movie franchises of all time. Now, having conquered outer space, the question is where the franchise can possibly venture next.

With the series’ rise in popularity has come a commensurate dip in the movies maintaining any concern for realism or logic. Particularly since the success of 2011’s Fast Five, the Fast Saga has introduced more and more sci-fi elements, the car stunts now often being literally impossible, and the whole series having a superhero-esque feel. F9 drove right into that trajectory, taking the series into space with a space car piloted by Tej (Ludacris) and Roman Pearce (Tyrese Gibson).

The Fast Saga is set to conclude with a two-part finale in Fast & Furious 10 and Fast & Furious 11, while Vin Diesel has also publicly reached out to The Rock to rejoin the proper series after the two’s ongoing feud. As it speeds to its finale, the series shows no signs of walking back its pattern of pushing the envelope of reality, and there’s still plenty of new territory it can go into. Here’s how Fast 10 and 11 can possibly outdo F9‘s space travel.

More Space Travel (To The Moon)

The easiest way for Fast 10 & 11 to outdo the space travel component of F9 is to simply expand on it. With the makeshift space car and spacesuits, Roman and Tej were able to get as far as the orbit of Earth in order to stop the satellite device of Cipher. The Fast Saga, now having introduced space travel to the mix, can visit space again, and this time take the trip to the stars further than F9‘s space travel.

The moon would be a good spot for Dom and his crew to venture to, this time with the whole gang along for the ride. Tej, as the team’s tech expert, could even be the one to outfit more cars to be fit for space travel, and Charlize Theron’s ruthless villainess Cipher could easily be expected to think along similar lines. However Fast 10 and 11 go about it, now that F9 has taken one small step, they can make the giant leap to the moon.


Another idea that’s been proposed is for Fast 10 & 11 to bring time-travel into the franchise. With the Fast Saga adopting sci-fi as its new topping, time-travel would fit right in, especially after F9 ventured into space. Time-travel could even be the sci-fi plot device that could most fit into the family theme of the franchise.

With Fast 10 and 11 to be a two-part finale, revisiting some events in the earlier movies in the series could be a great way to wrap the story up in a way that shows how far Dom and co. have come. It could also be used as a Terminator-like time-travel plot by Cipher to eliminate her enemies once and for all. Either way, time-travel is now a better idea than ever for the Fast & Furious franchise.

Underwater & The High Seas

One frontier the theatrical Fast Saga has also never explored is the seven seas, so Fast 10 and 11 could take the series onto the oceans with cars that also convert into boats, but it need not stop there. Tej’s tech genius would also makes it possible that the aquatic vehicles captained by Dom and his family could be converted into mini-submarines, enabling the Fast Saga to go on an Aquaman-style adventure for the first time.

This actually wouldn’t be new territory for the franchise either, as the Netflix animated series Fast & Furious: Spy Racers has introduced underwater cars to the Fast Saga. This means that the foundation has already been set for Fast 10 or 11 to continue this. It would also be another sci-fi plot point that would play right into the villainy of both Cipher and the Eteon terrorist group, who could even have an underwater base of operations that the final showdown of Fast 10 or 11 could take place in.


With the Fast Saga embracing technology right out of a sci-fi movie, Fast 10 and 11 could also implement teleportation quite easily. Doing this could add a whole new element to the car-based action sequences of the series, Dom and his crew now able to bypass traffic and other obstacles instantaneously. On the villain side, it would be an equally viable instrument, and one Fast & Furious evildoer, in particular, could be just the man to bring teleportation into the series.

Hobbs & Shaw‘s Brixton Lore (Idris Elba) is already the most formidable villain of the Fast Saga, having been bestowed with cybernetic upgrades by Eteon. Brixton seemingly died when Eteon de-activated him in Hobbs and Shaw, but there’s little reason why he couldn’t simply be re-activated with more augmentations by Eteon. With the merging of man and machine that he already began as, Brixton could be the perfect character to integrate teleportation into the Fast Saga.

Flying Cars

With F9 getting the ball rolling on cars leaving the ground and heading into the sky, flying cars in the vein of Back to the Future Part II would be another outlandish element the Fast Saga could easily embrace. A quick look back on the series even indicates that flying cars is something that the long-running Fast & Furious series has seemingly been inching towards, with parachuting cars and Dom jumping one car across several Abu Dhabi skyscrapers in Furious 7. The space car in F9 took the series further in that direction, so cars that can zip through the air like an actual highway could be where it finally lands.

Tej would once again be the main technical hand in retrofitting cars to be capable of flight. Moreover, flying cars could also be a tool in the villain plot of Fast 10 and 11, especially after the magnetic truck of F9. Out of all the possibilities for the Fast Saga‘s future, flying cars seem like the least outrageous, and the one that would be the easiest to implement.


There’s also been some talk of the Fast Saga having a crossover with the Jurassic World movies, but while the former could certainly move in that direction with little difficulty, it seems much less likely for Jurassic World to make such a crossover attempt. Despite this, Fast 10 and 11 could easily bring dinosaurs into the series with the tone of the franchise. There would even be multiple ways that the Fast Saga could go about this.

One way would be for Cipher and/or Eteon to genetically engineer dinosaurs as the ultimate weapon to unleash on the world, with Dom and his family revving up to stop them. Additionally, Fast 10 or 11 could kill get two wild sci-fi concepts for the price of one by using the time-travel idea to either send Dom and co. back to the time of the dinosaurs, or have Cipher, Eteon, or some other villain use a time-travel device to bring the dinosaurs into the modern world of man. With multiple avenues to integrate dinosaurs into the Fast Saga with, some Fast & Furious-style car chases with dinosaurs in hot pursuit could be the next peak of glorious popcorn absurdity that the franchise does so well.

The Fast Saga is always full of surprises, and where it’s gotten to with magnet tanks, space travel, and supervillains still seems unlikely to be the peak of where it can go. The most important constant throughout the Fast & Furious movies is the franchise’s theme of family. While challenges remain on whether or not Diesel and Johnson’s feud will end and make a return by Luke Hobbs possible, as long as Fast & Furious 10 and Fast & Furious 11 hold onto their family theme, there’s no restrictions on bringing in time-travel, dinosaurs, or anything in between, or beyond.

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