Exclusive: Brad Pitt In Talks For Star Trek Movie

Brad Pitt has done a lot of movies over the years. Now, he is looking at doing something a little different. Giant Freakin Robot has just learned from one of our trusted and proven inside sources that Brad Pitt is in talks for a role in a Star Trek movie.

Right now, the Star Trek universe is growing on television and on the big screen. We were unable to learn the title of the new project Brad Pitt is considering. Our source was only able to confirm that the actor is currently talking to the studio about a Star Trek project, which is certainly interesting news as a future option for his career.

One option currently on the table would be the upcoming Star Trek 4, with Chris Pine and the rest of the Kelvin crew. Not much is known about the project except that a script has been written and production is set to begin in 2022. If that’s the project, Brad Pitt could be signing on to play a new villain, or he could very likely be looking at a smaller role. It’s entirely possible that he’s talking to them about a brand new movie that no one has heard about yet. It’s also possible that this is a sign that Quentin Tarantino Star Trek movie is back on the table.

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Mark L. Smith, who wrote The Revenant, co-wrote a Star Trek script with Quentin Tarantino. The story is said to be rated-R and includes tropes from 1930s gangster movies. While Tarantino has said some conflicting things about whether he’d ever actually make this movie, or direct it, it is a project that he has talked about a lot in interviews. While Margot Robbie and Brad Pitt were promoting Once Upon A Time… In Hollywood, a Quentin Tarantino film they both starred in, they were asked if they’d want to be in a Tarantino Star Trek movie. They both said they’d love to do it. Quentin Tarantino often works with the same actors on multiple projects. While it’s been impossible to judge the odds of the Quentin Tarantino project ever happening, the idea of Brad Pitt talking to the studio about that one is certainly intriguing.

Even if Quentin Tarantino’s Star Trek never happens, Brad Pitt openly saying he’d be interested in a Star Trek project may have put his name into the mix. Brad Pitt hasn’t been known for joining established franchises. He’s been in many solo movies. He co-starred with an amazing cast in the Ocean’s movies, which became a series. However, his minor Marvel role as the invisible character (Vanisher) in Deadpool 2 is as close as he’s come so far to joining an established franchise. Signing on for Star Trek will be something different for him, and maybe that’s why he’s interested in doing it now. It’s tempting to picture him as an older Captain on a ship, possibly with some Captain Kirk vibes of his own as he meets up with Chris Pine. Of course, that’s only speculation. He may have a minor part. It’s just as easy to picture him in a flashback scene for one part of the film, like how Chris Hemsworth played Chris Pine’s father in his first movie. It will be interesting to see what part has Brad Pitt interested in joining the Star Trek franchise as more news develops.

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