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Gal Gadot Sustained Some Serious Injuries While Filming ‘Wonder Woman’ Movies

Gal Gadot has been on a wild ride for the last several years, starring in DC’s wildly popular Wonder Woman franchise. Action films are known for their strenuous schedules and grueling physical demands, which Gadot experienced firsthand.

In fact, the Israeli actress sustained a number of serious injuries while filming both Wonder Woman and Wonder Woman 1984. Having dealt with a painful back hernia and neck and shoulder problems, Gadot has been through the gauntlet, to say the least.

Gal Gadot had a serious back injury after finishing the first ‘Wonder Woman’ movie

Gadot’s health problems began while she was filming Wonder Woman. It was during this time that she sustained a serious back injury, she told Variety.

“Of course … Now I can talk about this freely,” Gadot said. “When we premiered with the first Wonder Woman, I had just had Maya. She was eight weeks, and I just—it was right after we finished shooting Wonder Woman and Justice League—had Maya, had a major hernia in my back.”

She did an entire press run with a back hernia 

A true warrior, Gadot didn’t allow her back problems to stop the show. She embarked on an entire press tour, all the while fighting intense back pain that kept her from sitting down. 

“So the whole six weeks of the press that we did, I couldn’t sit,” Gadot revealed. “I could only lie down or stand up. So if you go back now, when you see all of my interviews I’m always standing.” 

Gal Gadot had back surgery instead of going to the ‘Wonder Woman’ premiere

Things got so serious that Gadot actually had to skip the Wonder Woman premiere in order to get surgery on her hernia. 

“And when the movie premiered, finally, on June 6th, I think it was, I was in the OR, getting my back fixed, ok,” Gadot said. 

She injured her neck and shoulder while filming ‘Wonder Woman 1984’

In Wonder Woman 1984, Gadot sustained another set of injuries, although they weren’t quite as serious. 

“And then this one, on this one, I hurt my neck and my shoulder,” Gadot said. “It just—it comes with a—it is what it is. It’s such a physical role, like the physicality is another character that I have to play. But it has its toll.”

Gal Gadot’s dance career prepared her for ‘Wonder Woman’ more than the military did

Many people assume that Gadot’s prior miliary experience gives her an advantage when filming Wonder Woman films. However, she says that her background as a dancer helps more than her military training ever has. 

“It didn’t really,” Gadot said. “One would think, like, military, it sounds so, you know, what you would think it would be. But honestly, I think that more than anything, the fact that I was a dancer for 12 years before, that’s what helps me with all the stunt work. Because it’s all about learning the choreographies and the timing and it’s all about the movement. So I think that’s something that really helped me.”

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