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Fear TWD Finally Admits Morgan Shouldn’t Have Replaced Alicia

Fear The Walking Dead improves Morgan's character, but his protagonist role has taken away from Alicia. It seems the show now realizes that.

Fear The Walking Dead finally admits that Morgan shouldn’t have replaced Alicia as the series lead. The show has improved the character’s arc tremendously, but his role as one of, if not the main protagonists has been met with division from many viewers. For many this has less to do with a dislike for his character, and more that Morgan’s TWD growth comes at the expense of Alicia’s role. As of the season 7 mid-season finale, “Padre,” it seems the show realizes this as well.

Before Morgan joined the ranks of Fear The Walking Dead, Alicia was one of the central protagonists of seasons 1-3 alongside Madison and Nick, her mother and brother. By season 4, Nick is killed and Madison is presumed dead, leaving Alicia as the sole remaining member of her family for the rest of the series so far. She goes on to share her role as the main protagonist with Morgan, but critics have said that as time goes on, the focus begins to shift towards Morgan as Fear The Walking Dead’s lead.

While Fear The Walking Dead has improved Morgan’s character, he shouldn’t have replaced Alicia as the series’ main protagonist. Despite Morgan’s prominence in The Walking Dead franchise and status as an original character of the flagship series, the show began following the Clark family and should’ve had Alicia take on a larger role following the departure of her mother and brother. Not doing so has proven to be a huge mistake that the show is now, finally admitting.

When Madison and Nick departed Fear The Walking Dead, it seemed Alicia would step in to take their place. However, while she hasn’t been reduced to the background, the series’ shifting focus towards Morgan trying to find himself again while stepping in as a leader has left her without a major storyline that does justice to her character. Most notably, Alicia’s major story in FTWD season 7 happens almost entirely off screen, which wastes an opportunity for the show to explore her role as a leader. Ironically, the mid-season finale includes a line from Morgan that seems to be the show’s way of acknowledging this mistake.

In Fear The Walking Dead’s episode “Padre,” Alicia enlists Morgan’s help in using a reanimated Senator Vazquez. Feeling the mission to be futile, Morgan tries desperately to get Alicia to stop, even stating at one point that he needs her to help lead everyone because he can’t do it himself. In a way, he’s actually right. While his heart is always in the right place, Morgan’s many efforts to help and protect everyone have failed and even nearly cost him his life on separate occasions. In a way, Morgan saying that he needs Alicia’s help is how the show admits the protagonist role should have been shared more equally between both characters.

Now that Fear The Walking Dead has admitted that Morgan replacing Alicia as the main protagonist was a mistake, it’ll be interesting to see how things will change since Alicia is back in season 7 and seems set to be taking a major role in the story after declaring war on Strand. What’s even more exciting is how Madison will factor in now that Kim Dickens is finally set to return in the second half of Fear season 7. With both Clark women back in the fold, it appears the show will be shifting towards a shared protagonist role between them and Morgan. Ultimately, that will be for the better.

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