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Wonder Woman 3 Can Change How Powerful The DCEU’s Amazons Are

With Lynda Carter's Asteria returning in Wonder Woman 3, the true strength of normal Amazons can finally be shown, since Diana is half-Olympian.

The Amazons of Themyscira may be more powerful than ever before in the upcoming Wonder Woman 3, thanks to a familiar face returning to the film franchise. Diana Prince, better known as Wonder Woman, is one of the DCEU’s most powerful entities, but as an Amazon and Old God hybrid, she’s intrinsically more powerful than her fellow Amazons. The legendary Amazonian warrior Asteria, played by Lynda Carter (famous for starring as Diana Prince in the Wonder Woman TV show), will reprise her role in Patty Jenkins’ upcoming film, which could prove how powerful that normal Amazons are at their peak strength.

The DCEU’s Amazons were introduced in 2017’s Wonder Woman, following Diana’s debut in Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice. As the creations of Zeus, the Amazons were superhumans, meant to protect Earth from Ares. Though highly trained and equipped with legendary weaponry, the Amazons never got their chance to fight the God of War, who Diana killed at the end of Wonder Woman. The Amazons fought bravely against Steppenwolf and his Parademon forces in Zack Snyder’s Justice League, however, though they failed to stop him from retrieving their Mother Box.

Asteria, aka The Golden Warrior, was introduced in Wonder Woman 1984 in a brief role. As shown through flashbacks, Asteria held back waves of human men, the Amazons’ former captors, allowing them to escape and establish their society on Themyscira. While Asteria’s role is brief, the ramifications of her actions are felt throughout the film. The Amazons’ athletic tournament was established in Asteria’s honor, and Diana goes on to don her Golden Warrior armor for the climactic third-act battle with Barbara Ann Minerva’s Cheetah (Kristen Wiig). Asteria’s cameo at the end of the film confirms that she’s still alive, and the announcement that Lynda Carter will return to Wonder Woman 3 will allow her to truly demonstrate her legendary power.

The strength of Themyscira’s Amazons is somewhat inconsistent thus far in the DCEU. In Wonder Woman, they’re depicted as elite warriors with enhanced strength and dexterity, yet they’re felled with World War I-era weapons perhaps too easily. Their battle prowess is somewhat redeemed in Justice League, which has them fight bravely against Steppenwolf, yet they fail to defeat him. The Amazons’ finest moment of battle was in Justice League’s Darkseid flashback, in which they fight alongside humanity, the Old Gods, Atlanteans, and other heroes (including a Green Lantern) to repel the Apokoliptian invaders.

Asteria held back overwhelming waves of human warriors, according to Wonder Woman 1984, but her upcoming role in Wonder Woman 3 offers a chance to show her, and thus potentially any Amazon, as a truly superhuman entity. In her cameo, Asteria effortlessly catches a heavy metallic pole, demonstrating her strength, and her Golden Warrior armor was invaluable to Diana when trading blows with the superhuman Cheetah (though the armor suffered damage).

If Wonder Woman 3 features a heavy hitter from Wonder Woman’s gallery of DC Comics villains, such as Circe, Diana may need backup in her battles. Asteria could end up having a supporting role, lending Diana a much-needed hand against her adversary. With a refurbished set of Golden Warrior armor, the two would be a force to be reckoned with, in addition to providing viewers with the fanservice of seeing both Wonder Woman actresses working together. With an expanded role in Wonder Woman 3, Asteria would show just how powerful that normal Amazons can be at their full potential.

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