Madison’s Return May Explain A Fear TWD Season 7 Mystery

Madison's upcoming return to Fear the Walking Dead could be directly related to a major mystery that the characters are dealing with in season 7.

A major mystery in Fear the Walking Dead season 7 could be directly connected to Madison Clark’s return. Over the last few seasons, numerous theories about how the show is setting up a comeback for Madison have been debunked as the series has progressed. However, it’s since been confirmed by AMC that Kim Dickens will be reprising her fan-favorite role as Madison in Fear the Walking Dead season 7’s back half before being re-upped to series regular for season 8.

Somehow, Fear the Walking Dead will have to undo Madison’s death in season 4. For her to re-enter the picture, the series will need to explain what happened that night when Madison was supposedly consumed by the fire at the stadium, where’s she been all this time, and what’s kept her from reuniting with Alicia (Alycia Debnam-Carey), Strand (Colman Domingo), and the others. Needless to say, FTWD has a lot of questions to answer when its Madison story kicks off – if it hasn’t already begun. It’s possible that the show has been secretly laying the groundwork for Madison’s return and a run-in between her and Morgan’s group.

In fact, one of the many theories surrounding a potential return for her character could actually turn out to be true. When the show first introduced the PADRE mystery, there was speculation that Madison might be connected to in some way. At the time, the idea felt no different from all the other Madison theories, but now that it’s known that she’s coming back, it no longer comes across as far-fetched. As things stand, the characters know very little about PADRE, which is believed to be a well-hidden, safe haven. It could be that the person in charge of this mysterious place is really Madison.

Madison being the secret leader of PADRE in Fear the Walking Dead season 7 could explain its purpose in the story. Thus far, the main focus has been the conflict between Morgan’s group and Strand’s empire, with PADRE serving as a recurring mystery that has yet to receive any meaningful developments. Given that Madison’s return will be such an important moment for the show, it may be that the show’s intention is to build up to it slowly through the search for PADRE, as opposed to it happening suddenly. Finally finding it could culminate in Fear the Walking Dead’s highly-anticipated Madison reveal.

As noted above, beating Strand appears to be at the center of Fear the Walking Dead season 7, which is why it makes sense that the PADRE mystery is setup for season 8’s story, rather than something that’s going to receive significant payoff anytime soon. This place may not be discovered until one of the season’s final episodes. Since Fear the Walking Dead season 8 is confirmed to feature Dickens as a series regular again, there very well could be a link there. Plus, the reason why PADRE’s location is such a carefully guarded secret could tie in with the show’s explanation for why she hasn’t reached out to any of the surviving members of her old group. If PADRE is related to Madison, the answer to this mystery could turn out to be one of the show’s biggest reveals yet.

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