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The Walking Dead World Beyond, Season 2: Who ISN’T The Worst?

The Walking Dead World Beyond series finale
There were a lot of unsavory characters in the final season of The Walking Dead: World Beyond, but which one was the most REDEEMABLE?

This is a difficult question to ask when you think about it. The whole point of “villains” is to be hated. It goes against our instincts to find the good in them, especially when they haven’t turned good during the show.

Yet, for our purposes, we’re going to try to find which villain in the second season of World Beyond was the most redeemable, i.e., who amongst them either did the most good or at least, had enough humanity left to regret the evil they committed.

When you start thinking in those terms, things become a little easier, as there are almost always villains who have zero conscience whatsoever. Therefore, immediately disqualify themselves for consideration. In fact, right off the top of my head, I can already think of two of our villains who won’t even get considered.

With the few we have left, I’m going to try to find out who amongst them did the most to put themselves in the good books, assuming, of course, that any of them did.

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