Selena Gomez Has a New Back Tattoo — & We Want To Know All About It

New celebrity tattoos have long been one of the things to get fans hyped and the rest of society talking. At one point, having a tattoo was a very big faux pas but times have changed and celebrities are embracing body art and flaunting it. Selena Gomez recently got fans talking when a photo of her with a new back tattoo was shared byKeith “Bang Bang” McCurdy.

Bang Bang shared a photo of Gomez with her back exposed and from a distance showing what is an obscure figure on the “Bad Liar” singer’s back. Fans flooded the post with comments begging for a better view of the tattoo or at least a zoomed-in shot.

“we need a close up!! i need to see the artwork in detail,” Instagram user rarexosouvenir commented on Bang Bang’s post, simply captioned “@selenagomez ✍️.”

This isn’t the first time that Bang Bang has given Gomez a tattoo. According to PageSix, Gomez has 16 tattoos and multiple have been done by Bang Bang. In April 2021, Gomez visited her favorite tattoo artist to have a small cross tattooed on her collarbone.

Bang Bang was also the artist behind Gomez’s Arabic tattoo that translates to “love yourself first” and the Roman numeral LXXVI, which is 76, on the back of her neck.

It isn’t clear what the Rare Beauty founder got tattooed on herself, or why. Speculation is running rampant within the Selenator fandom as they all wait on the edge of their seat to see what the fresh ink looks like.

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