The young visuals of Tom Cruise, Brad Pitt and Leonardo DiCaprio in the movie were suddenly dug up by netizens, now it’s hard for anyone to compare!

Recently, a series of young photos of Leonardo DiCaprio, Tom Cruise and Brad Pitt once again “returned to the Gypsy”, proving the peak beauty of cult Hollywood actors. Many netizens also joked that, if they debuted at this time, this trio could debut as a globally famous idol.

The peak of Leonardo DiCaprio’s beauty was when he appeared in Titanic as Jack with Kate Winslet. In his 20s, the actor showed off his youthful beauty like a male god with eyes that can express all emotions and thoughts through a series of classic works such as Romeo And Juliet, Catch Me If You Can,… As for Tom Cruise and Brad Pitt, both appeared in Interview With The Vampire – one of the movies with the most handsome vampire in cinematic history.

Tom Cruise and Brad Pitt – Two Hollywood ‘vampires’ who are pitiful, who are to blame after their divorce

Once considered the masculine symbols of millions of women around the globe, both men experience many ups and downs in life after divorce.

More than two decades ago, Brad Pitt and Tom Cruise have been walking side by side in the classic film Interview with the Vampire. Until today, the two have built for themselves a splendid career with a series of memorable milestones.

One is dubbed the “King of the box office”, the other is a master of art roles, Tom Cruise and Brad Pitt have carved into the Hollywood timeline two images of elegant, talented amateurs with durable style. firm.

Tom Cruise and Brad Pitt are the only ones to perform together in Interview with the Vampire (1994).

However, when standing on the heights of glory and sweet love with female celebrities, the current life of Brad Pitt or Tom Cruise is mentioned with a marriage scandal.

Tom Cruise has replaced the image of a superhero on the silver screen with an image of a heartless, devout father that neglects his little daughter. And Brad Pitt – marriage with screen queen Angelina Jolie, which has spent too much paper, but still seems to be incomplete compared to the pressure he suffered when he divorced.

The peak of a happy marriage suddenly broke like a soap bubble

Temporarily not mention the career fame that Tom Cruise or Brad Pitt have after dozens of blockbuster films. Both Tom and Brad have in the hands of a huge fan base around the world and are amorous and generous. The proof is that the shadows that passed away, are the most beautiful, most famous, and hottest angels in Hollywood.

Through so many breaks, the waves thought that Katie Holmes or Angelina was the last stop of the tamed wild horses. The full married life of these two golden couples has made people flutter every time they walk hands on the street. But then the honey did not last long, the peak of a happy marriage suddenly broke like a soap bubble, making everyone dizzy.

Brad Pitt and Tom Cruise – the same father but each poor person from a different perspective.

Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes – a muse and a hero come together and make a beautiful doll Suri. She used to be in the top “Children of Hollywood power” when she was given all the most luxurious and precious things by her parents – something that ordinary children can hardly get.

This little princess was once the pride of Tom when he constantly confessed: “It is the most precious gift in my life”. Then, one fine day, the marriage of an impossible mission is broken. Katie Holmes relentlessly condemns Tom for his erroneous thinking and fanaticism with a religion that he pursues.

It is known that because of the strict laws of this sect that his marriage to the Australian swan – Nicole Kidman must stand on the abyss. According to what the informants noted, Tom has believed this doctrine and gave a lot of rules for the little Suri to follow. Katie because she did not want her children to enter the religion she called “the devil” so she filed for a divorce.

After the breakup, the glorious life of the old powerful family was just a distant mirage. Suri has gone from a well-sought-after princess to a disgraced and almost completely forgotten in the lavish movie world.

Suri has not been seen in the arms of his famous father for a long time.

What about Brad Pitt? The actor of the Fall Legend is someone who once yearned to have many children and is the father of a crowded family. That dream was denied by the actress Jennifer Aniston and came true only when he met and fell in love with Angelina. This fraternal love affair was fruitful with Brad Pitt having six children, both adopted and born with Mrs. Smith.

A wedding of the century also took place that melted the hearts of many fans. The family of this power couple is the ideal model of contemporary Hollywood stars. Everyone recognized the great happiness that Brad owned, the pride of being able to take care of his mischievous children himself.

The rich, happy life has made “Mr. and Mrs. Smith” forget their roles just to indulge in the completion of the ministry. But a beautiful June day, information about the marriage is no longer sweet has spread throughout the newspaper. And then in September 2016, it really came true when Angie officially spoke up, she even announced that Brad had abused her adoptive son to prevail in the custody battle. Until now the fate of this marriage has not been decided.

After the happiness together, now, this couple is just a plan.

The abyss of father and son love is broken

Tom Cruise and his daughter have barely contacted each other after his marriage with Katie ended. Public opinion once questioned why a father who loves his son so much like Tom sometimes behaves like an irresponsible person? Katie blamed Tom’s religion. And the media do not yet know the real reason why Tom almost forgot he had a daughter.

Suri is still growing up every day with her mother, but instead of happily living in silk, people realize the deep sadness of a famous but lonely girl, not loved and accepted by her father. Tom has also gone through the glory of a cult star, his name is only old flashes combined with available experience. But he was still cold and alone to continue his journey without paying attention to his daughter.

Maybe so, people call Tom a lonely and fanatic father. The fanaticism has led him to become a heartless father.

Adults can go, but sadness lingers in the eyes of children.

And the golden life of Brad Pitt is going through a terrible storm and the biggest upheaval in his life. No one was left unchecked, looking at his sullen face and his helplessness at the strong blockade from Angelina. The marriage that he once protected, expected, and stepped on Jennifer’s tears, overcame the public opinion hammer and now melted like smoke.

The marriage war, especially the custody battle of the world’s most pitiful father, is highly likely to turn him into a miserable loser. There is no beneficial evidence, Brad just choked out his love to prove to the public that he is a father who loves children, a father who can do everything to protect his children.

Brad Pitt is a family lover, but now, he wants to see his child must warn.

People call Tom a heartless and fanatic father. And Brad Pitt, not careless, but perhaps, those who love him will have many more sleepless nights when the custody fight is not over.

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