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Angelina Jolie’s old, aristocratic magazine photo series suddenly become hot again: “OMG! She’s a true beauty queen”

The photo series on Grazia magazine 2 years ago made people fascinated by Angelina Jolie’s beauty and beauty.

Netizen is “frantic” with the two years ago Angelina Jolie’s photos when this Hollywood hit beauty was promoting the movie Maleficent 2. 

Becoming the cover of the Italian Grazia magazine, Angie transformed into a lady who showed off her top beauty and charisma. This is a set of photos taken during the period when Angelina Jolie fell into a thin state, causing anxiety because of lack of vitality. However, after being on the cover of the magazine, the female star made people overwhelmed by the beauty of the sky and the top temperament. Reviewing these images, fans can understand why Angelina Jolie is a “Hollywood big sister” with a sharp face and a charming temperament that has captivated generations of fans.

Angelina Jolie’s excellent frame makes fans overwhelmed with beauty and charisma

Angie’s perfect angle becomes the perfect role model that many women love and want to own

At the age of 43, Angelina Jolie possesses a slim body, a salty beauty, and a seductive charm over time.

Excellent black and white frame of Angelina Jolie. Looking at this beauty and temperament, fans understand why Brad Pitt has been in love with this beauty for a long time.

A few other images of Angie in the Italian magazine Grazia 2018

Why’s Angelina Jolie the gold standard of beauty in the world?

In addition to her sexy face, Angelina Jolie’s beauty lies in her warm heart, loving and helping difficult situations.

Over the past few days, fans re-shared a series of photos of Angelina Jolie’s youth – a beautiful and vibrant young girl. The screenwriters once commented that the star is “so beautiful” when he owns mysterious green eyes, sexy thick lips, and dense eyebrows that are hard to mistake.

With German, Czech, Dutch, Indian, and American blood, she is considered a sexy, arrogant but wild rose of Hollywood. According to China Daily, since 2007, Jolie’s face has become the “gold standard” in cosmetic surgery. American doctor Ava Shamban once commented: “Jolie is loved by her sharp lips, eyes, and cheekbones like statues”.

The peak of Jolie’s beauty was in the years 2005 – 2010 when her career was on the most powerful development. She regularly makes the list of the world’s most beautiful and rich actors. In 2008, Venus became the highest-paid actress in Hollywood, with a salary of 15-20 million USD per film.

Over the turbulent decades, Jolie became saltier and sharper. Even so, she is still praised for her charms. Many girls, including Sahar Tabar (22 years old) used to spend money on plastic surgery to look like his ex-wife Brad Pitt. However, all versions of the “cutlery” are far below the original.

In 2019, Jolie made an impressive comeback in Maleficent 2. Once again, her outstanding appearance continues to be confirmed. According to the audience’s perception, the scene of the character Tien Hac Dark after being seriously injured and sitting up seductively became a memorable highlight of the film.

Not only beautiful appearance, but Jolie also has an admirable spiritual beauty. In 2007, she was rated by Reuters as the most respected character, because she performed well as the Goodwill Ambassador of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR), and was an active mother. in Africa.

Since becoming UNHCR’s Goodwill Ambassador in 2001, she has set foot in many hot spots on earth, including Iraq. Peter Kessler, the representative of UNHCR, once shared: “Angelina works very quietly. She came to the place to self-examine and evaluate the situation, and did not ask the crew to accompany”. The image of Jolie helping to carry on a stoop at the Chad refugee camp or talking to refugees in Syria touched the public.

Along with acting as a producer, Jolie is also busy with volunteer programs. Over the past two years, she has organized many social activities as the special envoy of the UN High Commissioner for Refugees. She visited and shared with the people in Riohacha, Colombia in June 2019.

Not only that, but Jolie has also been appointed columnist editor on migration, conflict, and human rights issues for Time magazine’s international edition. Her first article on the subject of humanitarian publication on June 21, 2019 – World Refugee Day.

Angelina Jolie also regularly speaks up about feminist issues. In an interview with Elle magazine in August 2019, the Maleficent star discussed the role model of strong and independent women in the new era. Women can be accused of being ‘witches’ for complicated sex lives, for daring to speak their minds about politics or religion, or because of their different dress, she said. I lived in a period before, I might be criticized for being just me “

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