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Gal Gadot Celebrates Wonder Woman 1984 Anniversary With New BTS Images

Wonder Woman 1984 came out an entire year ago, so Gal Gadot is celebrating its release by sharing some new behind-the-scenes images.

It has now been an entire year since the release of Wonder Woman 1984, and Gal Gadot is celebrating by releasing some new behind-the-scenes images. The film was scheduled for release on June 5, 2020. However, like many 2020 movies, the sequel to Wonder Woman had to be delayed until December 25, 2020 due to the pandemic. The state of the pandemic at the time made it impractical to do a theatrical-exclusive release, so it was released simultaneously on HBO Max. These circumstances led to the film earning $166.5 million on a $200 million budget, making it a box office flop. Despite this, Warner Bros. announced that Wonder Woman 3 would happen with Patty Jenkins directing, proving they still have confidence in the franchise.

This film picks up 66 years after the original, with Diana still very much holding onto her past. She is still in a state of grief after losing her love Steve Trevor (Chris Pine), who she actually finds a way to bring back to life using the Dreamstone. One of the main antagonists, Max Lord (Pedro Pascal), uses the stone to try to save his oil company and grant the world’s wishes. The classic Wonder Woman villain Cheetah also made her big-screen debut, played by Kristen Wiig. Despite being a highly anticipated sequel, especially after the world struggled to deal with the impact of the pandemic, Wonder Woman 1984 received mixed to negative reviews from critics.

Gadot is now celebrating the anniversary of Wonder Woman 1984 by sharing behind-the-scenes photos from set. The actress included photos of the main cast, including Pine, Pascal, and Wiig goofing around on set, as well a few images with Jenkins. Gadot’s original Instagram post can be seen below:

Wonder Woman 1984 was the first theatrical film to also release on HBO Max, which at the time, was a very controversial decision. However, releasing the movie on Christmas and on HBO Max gave fans a treat at a time when audiences needed an escape from the real world. The release strategy was not only a way to keep viewers safe, but gave the streaming service a chance to pull in more subscribers.

A lot has happened in the last year and many may have forgotten about Wonder Woman 1984 due to its negative reviews. That being said, these images serve as a nice reminder that Wonder Woman 3 is on the way. Regardless of the critical reception of the movie, Gadot and the cast look like they had a blast making the sequel. It’s always fun to get a behind-the-scenes look at the cast and crew having fun on set, and it is especially a nice treat to get on Christmas when the Omicron variant is still an ongoing issue around the world.

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