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The Walking Dead: Every Episode Of Season 11A, Ranked According To IMDb

The Walking Dead has wrapped up the first half of its final season and like most other seasons, it has been met with strong acclaim from IMDb users.

Consistently one of the most popular cable dramas since its debut in 2010, The Walking Dead truly solidified that there is a place for the horror genre on the small screen. Following eleven epic years of television, The Walking Dead is winding down to a climactic finish and its final season is off to a wild start.

There have been new friends, new foes, and all the gory zombie kills! Though each of the eight aired episodes has scored high in IMDb ratings, some of them have resonated with fans more than others. 

8. Rendition (Season 11, Ep 4) – 7.7

The fourth episode of the eleventh season, “Rendition” follows Daryl and Dog as they come face-to-face with The Reapers. When the show’s broody hunter is captured by a group of masked survivors, his loyalties are put to the test, especially when he realizes there is a familiar face among his attackers.

Though it still scores a more than a decent rating of 7.7, much like season 10’s “Find Me,” this episode just didn’t hit the spot for many fans because it revolved entirely around Daryl and Leah, and neglected the rest of the cast.

7. Out Of The Ashes (Season 11, Ep 5) – 8.0

The fifth episode, “Out of the Ashes” sees Aaron, Carol, Jerry, and Lydia go on a supply run to Hilltop that quickly escalates into a struggle with morality when they happen upon one of the Whisperers. Meanwhile, Judith faces off against bullies, and Eugene and pals learn their places in their new life at the Commonwealth.

“Out of the Ashes” wasn’t the most action-packed episode of the season and it earns its 8.0. It provides a peek into the inner workings of the Commonwealth and gives some much-needed attention to a few underexplored and underutilized characters.

6. Promises Broken (Season 11, Ep 7) – 8.2

The seventh episode of the eleventh season, “Promises Broken” sees tensions waver between Maggie and Negan when she and Elijah are forced to work with him to learn new survival tactics, as Daryl continues to find out more about Leah and the rest of his captors.

This episode does a good job of dipping into several groups and storylines. It touches on the Commonwealth, Maggie and Negan, The Reapers, and Gabriel’s own journey as he meets another man of faith. It isn’t explosive, but it is a vital piece in the build-up to however everything culminates.

5. Hunted (Season 11, Ep 3) – 8.2

In this installment, as food and supplies continue to dwindle, Carol, Kelly, and Magna attempt to catch the community’s missing horses and confront feelings revolving around Connie’s assumed death, meanwhile, the Alexandria kids band together for comfort.

Clocking in at an 8.2 rating, “Hunted” shines a spotlight on glaring issues that desperately needed to be discussed, such as Kelly and Magna’s feelings towards Carol after the cave incident.

4. For Blood (Season 11, Ep 8) – 8.7

The eighth episode of the eleventh season, “For Blood” serves as the season 11a “finale.” Tensions and suspicions come to a head with Daryl, Leah, and the Reapers as they fight against a relentless oncoming horde, and a brutal storm threatens to destroy Alexandria.

While other episodes have been slow-paced and focused on character exploration, “For Blood” attempts to pick it back up again with an action-filled episode that leaves fans itching to see what happens next.

3. Acheron: Part 1 (Season 11, Ep 1) – 8.7

The season premiere is “Acheron: Part 1,”  which sees Daryl, Maggie, Negan, and others set out on a dangerous mission that means the difference between Alexandria’s survival and the potential loss of their entire community, but surviving each other becomes a task of its own.

The third highest-rated episode of the season at 8.7, “Acheron: Part 1” brought just the right combination of action, tension between characters, and plot development needed for a successful season premiere. It got the finale season off to a brilliant start.

2. Acheron: Part 2 (Season 11, Ep 2) – 8.9

A continuation of the premiere, “Acheron: Part 2” saw the high stakes laid out in the previous episode and bumped them up even higher! Negan and Maggie are more at odds than ever, and the group suffers a betrayal and a heartbreaking loss. Meanwhile, Eugene, Ezekiel, and Princess remain hesitant to cooperate with their new “friends” at the Commonwealth.

Rated at 8.9, this episode did well because it built on the incredible foundation laid out by “Acheron: Part 1” and kept the excitement coming nonstop.

1. On The Inside (Season 11, Ep 6) – 9.0

The sixth episode of this final season, “On the Inside” finally lets the audience see where Connie has been since the shocking revelation that she survived the cave collapse. After escaping from a herd of walkers, Connie and Virgil find themselves trapped in a home that proves to be more of a house of horrors than a safe haven.

“On the Inside” scored a whopping 9.0, proving that episodes that focus on a small cast and limited location storylines can be done in an exciting, emotionally impactful, and downright terrifying way.

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