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Gal Gadot Has a Massive Net Worth Thanks to These Superhero-Sized Paychecks

It took becoming Wonder Woman for Gal Gadot’s net worth to really soar to its superhero-sized status. But that’s not to say that she hasn’t made other hefty paychecks from her roles beyond the DC universe. In fact, Gadot’s massive net worth is also thanks to some unexpectedly lucrative turns throughout her career as an actress, and before that, as a model.

While most know Gadot as the titular star of 2017’s Wonder Woman and 2020’s Wonder Woman: 1984, which premieres December 25 on HBO Max, the Israeli actress actually got her start competing in beauty pageants around the world after serving her mandatory two-year military service for the Israeli Defense Forces. Since then, Gadot has gone on to become one of the five highest-paid actresses in the world in 2020, according to Forbes.

But how did Gadot go from beauty queen to kickass superhero? Well, to be fair, there doesn’t have to be any difference there—but when it comes to her career, the switch from model to actress has certainly been good for Gadot’s bank account. Read on for everything we know about Gal Gadot’s net worth in 2020.

How much does Gal Gadot make per movie?

Before Gal Gadot became Wonder Woman, the actress got her first big box office win after starring in 2009’s Fast & Furious 4. While she only made a salary just shy of $20,000 according to Luxatic, she presumably made more once she went on to star in the fifth and sixth films in the franchise.

Films like 2010’s Date Night and Knight and Day reportedly brought her another $100,000 in earnings that year, Luxatic reports. Her salaries steadily rose both in the States with 2016’s Triple Nine earnings of $346,00, and back home in Israel, where she starred in Kicking Out Shoshana for an estimated $316,000.

And DC Universe salaries aside, Gadot has gone on to earn a $20 million payday for films like Netflix’s Red Notice in 2020 alone.

How much did Gal Gadot make for Wonder Woman?

Gal Gadot’s Wonder Woman salary was the subject of much controversy when it was revealed in 2017. At the time, multiple outlets reported that she was paid only $300,000 for her starring role in the film. This came as a shock for a few reasons: the film was a box office hit, bringing in over $821 million worldwide, so Gadot’s salary seems paltry in comparison. Not only that, but her Justice League costar Henry Cavill reportedly ended up earning way more for his role in Man of Steel. While Cavill was paid the same $300,000 upfront paycheck, his box office earnings eventually landed him a $14 million payday, raising questions about Hollywood’s gender pay gap

How much did Gal Gadot make for Wonder Woman: 1984?

Following 2017’s Wonder Woman, Gadot managed to negotiate a higher salary for its sequel. In November 2020, Vanity Fair reported that Gadot was paid 33 times more to reprise her role as Diana Prince in Wonder Woman: 1984, amounting to a reported $10 million salary.

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