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Madison’s Return Can Bring Back Another Missing Fear TWD Character

Madison may not be alone when she returns. Here's why Fear the Walking Dead could put her in the company of a second missing character.

Madison’s return to Fear the Walking Dead could bring a second missing character back to the series. Played by Michael Greyeyes, Qaletaqa Walker has been absent from the spinoff series since he left for parts unknown at the end of season 3. An opportunity for him to rejoin the fold could present itself when Fear the Walking Dead revisits Madison (Kim Dickens).

As a hated enemy of Jeremiah Otto (Dayton Callie), Walker and his tribe were villains to Madison’s group for a number of episodes in Fear the Walking Dead season 3. But despite the problems he caused, he eventually emerged as an ally. Due to sharing common goals, Madison found herself fighting alongside Walker against the zombies and the villainous Proctor John (Ray McKinnon). At the end of the season, Walker and his ally, Crazy Dog (Justin Rain), assisted in their victory at the dam and then headed off to the north on their own. Neither has been seen since, but a return to Fear the Walking Dead at one point or another isn’t impossible.

Arguably the most appropriate time for Walker to make a reappearance on the show may come when Madison reenters the picture in season 7’s back half. Walker being in Madison’s company makes sense for a number of reasons, one of which being the fact that they have a prior connection. While there’s no evidence that Walker would be in Texas, it’s possible that off-screen events have brought him into the vicinity of the main characters. Madison, who already knows Walker, is aware of his capabilities and could currently be in a group with him somewhere. With all the time that’s passed since her “death” since season 4, the idea of them crossing paths isn’t unfeasible. Also, if the theory about Madison being connected to PADRE is true, both could be associated with this secret Walking Dead location.

During season 4, Greyeyes tweeted about his disappointment with FTWD’s direction and the decision to kill off Madison, but it’s possible that recent seasons and Dickens rejoining the cast could convince Greyeyes to come back as Walker. After all, several of Walker’s biggest moments on the show happened in his scenes with Madison. The way their dynamic worked is really what makes the best case for Walker’s Fear the Walking Dead return. Although his villainous arc got them off to a rough start, Madison’s toughness and sensible decision-making earned Walker’s respect. Despite their many differences, the two shared an important quality, which was their devotion to family and determination to do whatever it took to protect the people they cared about.

In addition to the promise of building on Walker’s relationship with Madison in Fear the Walking Dead, his willingness to wander into morally grey territory could add something a bit refreshing to Morgan’s group in seasons 7 and 8. Madison coming back would allow the show a chance to finally take advantage of this fan-favorite character again in an organic way. Given the amount of time Madison has been away from her daughter and everyone else, it seems perfectly reasonable that she’s with a new settlement now, whether it be PADRE or something else entirely. That community could very well include Walker.

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