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The Walking Dead: 8 Laziest Characters

The Walking Dead is filled with captivating characters, each with unique skills and motivations. There are a few that would rather relax than fight.

Even in a world roaming with the undead, some survivors still found a way to avoid work like an infectious zombie bite. The Walking Dead is filled with captivating characters, each with unique skill sets and motivations. There are a few that would rather relax than fight for their place in the post-apocalyptic world, .

These survivors from AMC’s hit horror series often opted for the easy life where possible. It didn’t matter which dangers lurked around the corner, they were always happy for others to take the big risk. They earned themselves the reputation of being The Walking Dead’s laziest characters.

8. Gregory Was Useless In The War Against The Undead

It’s almost a miracle that Xander Berkeley’s balding baddie managed to survive as long as he did after the outbreak. Aside from his talents as a manipulator, Gregory brought almost nothing to the table when it came to survival skills.

The Hilltop leader greatly benefitted from being in the right place at the right time. From what viewers saw, he never went on runs, never farmed food. Gregory never did much other than sitting in his mansion, drinking expensive alcohol that was leftover from the world’s end.

7. Andrea Worked On Her Tan While Her Group Got Their Hands Dirty

No one could really have a problem with Andrea refusing to take on the camp’s washing-up duties. But Laurie Holden’s hot-headed survivor could certainly have offered more assistance to her companions during her time on Hershel’s farm.

Andrea was perfectly happy to keep watch in the sun (much to the distress of Lori Grimes). She only sprung into action to almost-kill series favorite Daryl Dixon. It’s no wonder that Andrea Harrison remains one of the most despised characters to ever grace The Walking Dead.

6 . Ed Retained His Abusive, Chauvinistic Behavior Even After The World Ended

Carol’s abusive husband is about as vile a character ever conceived on AMC’s hit horror show. Given that The Walking Dead features cannibals, murderers, and other villainous scumbags, it really is a testament to just how hateable Ed Peletier really was.

Aside from his lack of likability, Ed is rarely seen to do anything of note besides boss around his wife, daughter, and the other women in the camp. On one such occasion, Andrea was tired of his chauvinistic behavior. Andrea standing up to him led to Ed receiving a rather satisfying (and slightly terrifying) beatdown from Shane.

5. Gareth And The Cannibals Of Terminus Chose Eating People Over Building A Future

Terminus ended up being as far away from the sanctuary for all that was advertised as could possibly be imagined. Rick and friends were in for quite the shock once they arrived in their new, temporary home only to find out that inhabitants had developed a taste for human flesh.

Rather than going out on runs to gather supplies, or growing food and a sustainable future, Gareth and his ghastly group turned to cannibalism. Perhaps lazy isn’t the best descriptor, but it certainly fits The Terminus tyrants.

4. Bob Stookey Often Put Alcohol Before His Fellow Survivors

Bob started out his time on The Walking Dead as a man with more interest in a bottle of alcohol than any battle. He would turn things around, thanks largely to an excellent performance from TV veteran Lawrence Gilliard Jr.

But still Bob Stookey often seemed to tag along in runs. He did so either to get to know Sasha, or to sneak himself a helping of alcohol at the cost of the safety of his fellow survivors.

3. Dawn Lerner Lived A Post-Apocalyptic Life Of Luxury

Another tyrannical leader within The Walking Dead, Dawn Lerner used her power and authority as a police officer to throw her weight around. Whilst the same could be said of The Walking Dead‘s iconic hero Rick Grimes, Andrew Lincoln’s cold killer was always on the front lines in the war against the undead.

Christine Woods’ Dawn, on the other hand, kept cool in the air conditioning of Grady Memorial Hospital. The only exercise fans ever see Dawn doing takes place inside a home gym.

2. The Claimers Can’t Lay Claim To Doing Anything Worthwhile In The Walking Dead

The Claimers get their name from “claiming” the items they find, which is essentially an extremely violent version of finders keepers. This is a recipe for disaster, as the group of men each had seemingly little regard for each other or their own rules.

This group of post-apocalyptic pessimists were never going to last long due to their ability to make enemies so easily. Instead of working as a team and building something, their entire ideals revolved around taking what wasn’t theirs.

1. Negan Could Put His Feet Up Thanks To His Saviors And His Servants

Jeffrey Dean Morgan’s bad man with the bat is one of The Walking Dead’s most resilient survivors. The mean-mouthed rogue has almost cemented himself as a hero in recent seasons, but back during his time as the leader of The Saviors, Negan might as well have dubbed his followers The Servants.

Negan had untold numbers to fulfill his every need, including his ever-controversial collection of wives. It was always rare to see the former gym teacher doing the dirty work. Unless that dirty work involved bashing someone’s head in.

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