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The Weeknd & Angelina Jolie: Their ‘CloseRelationship’ Status Revealed

Just days after the release of his new song about dating a ‘movie star,’ The Weeknd is said to be ‘very enamored’ with Angelina Jolie.

Speculation of a romance between The Weeknd and Angelina Jolie really took off after the singer released a song about dating a “movie star.” on January 7. Add that to the previous sightings of the pair out together and fans are in a frenzy to get the 411 on the potential It couple. As the stars’ relationship is getting a closer look, a source EXCLUSIVELY shared with HollywoodLife that the “I Feel It Coming” hitmaker, 31, — real name Abel Tesfaye — and the Oscar winner, 46, have quite a lot going on between them.

Angelina Jolie
Angelina Jolie has a close relationship with The Weeknd, as he’s even met her kids. (Cubankite/lev radin/Shutterstock)

“Abel is very enamored with Angelina,” the insider began. “The times he has hung out with her, they have had some very deep conversations as they both are very interesting and unique people who dive into the seriousness of life and really enjoy making a change.” The source went on to say that The Weeknd is interested in film work, which is another passion he shares with the actress/director. As for being a committed couple, however, there’s still some way to go. “He has gained a great friendship with Angie and has met her kids, but it has been very much on the up and up when it comes to a full-on relationship as it has been friendly and business only. It would be very premature to say that they both are a couple as Angelina is more focused on her family right now.”

But who knows what the future may hold! “Would Abel date Angelina?… in a heartbeat, but right now it is baby steps from any type of announcement on that front,” the source explained. “She is focused on getting her divorce finalized and he is interested in continuing his career. If sparks fly for them, it will be a little more down the road but not out of the realm of possibility. They certainly have time on their side.”

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