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10 Great TV Shows Starring The Cast Of The Walking Dead

When it comes to great TV shows that showcase the stars of The Walking Dead, there are plenty of award-winning hits to choose from.

After Rick Grimes stumbled out of the hospital, discovering the world had ended and was overrun by roamers, AMC’s zombie series has reached incredible heights. The Walking Dead is high quality, and very popular. The Walking Dead focused on an ever-present fascination with the undead.

The Walking Dead has also catapulted multiple actors to superstardom. Many walker fans are keen to see more of their post-apocalyptic favorites outside TWD. When it comes to great TV shows that showcase the stars of The Walking Dead, there are plenty of award-winning hits to choose from.

10. The Punisher Features More Of Jon Bernthal’s Unhinged Excellence

Jon Bernthal is an undeniable talent. His scene-stealing work as Shane on The Walking Dead helped to make the adaptation of Robert Kirkman’s comic a success from the get-go. The Walking Dead is far from the only TV show that Bernthal has enhanced with his intense, charismatic presence.

Bernthal’s version of the iconic Frank Castle first came to life in the Marvel series Daredevil. The actor immediately earned praise for his performance. Soon after, he would get his own show for the hot-headed hero. The Punisher is an electric, heart-pounding thrill ride from the first episode to the last. The Punisher is simply a must-watch for any fan of Jon Bernthal.

9. Created By Lennie James, Save Me Features The Walking Dead Actor At His Very Best

Any fan yearning for more of The Walking Dead’s Morgan should, of course, check out the spin-off series Fear The Walking Dead. Despite transforming into a worthy addition to the undead universe, Fear has failed to resonate with many fans.

For the best of British star Lennie James, the crime drama Save Me is the perfect recommendation. James created, writes, and stars in the Sky Atlantic series. James is supported by the exceptional talents of Stephen Graham of Venom: Let There Be Carnage, Suranne Jones, and UK comedy, legend Adrian Edmondson.

8. Prison Break Is A Lock-In For Sarah Wayne Callies’ Finest Performance

Long before she was nagging Rick Grimes as Lori, Sarah Wayne Callies rose to fame as Sarah Tancredi in Prison Break. The Wentworth Miller starring series reached insane levels of popularity as it was airing, and remains one of the most successful TV shows to ever hit the small screen.

The first season of Prison Break is nothing short of sensational. Ahead of its time yet still holds up today, Prison Break may have dipped in quality in later season. But, there are few series that can match the excitement of the original 22 episodes.

7. Sons Of Anarchy Houses Beta Without The Mask

A die-hard fan of The Walking Dead may expect Norman Reedus or Jeffrey Dean Morgan to show up in a series about bikers. It’s actually the man behind Beta’s mask that lights up the screen in Kurt Sutter’s Sons Of Anarchy. Ryan Hurst plays Opie Winston in the hard-hitting action crime show. Sons Of Anarchy also features the likes of Charlie Hunnam, Kim Coates, and Ron Perlman.

6. The Boys Will Soon Add Laurie Holden To Their Eclectic Mix Of Superheroes

Any regular viewers of both the smash-hit series The Boys and The Walking Dead may be wondering where the two cross over. They are yet to – but Laurie Holden will make her debut as Crimson Countess in season 3 of The Boys. This news certainly please any fans of the actress that felt she didn’t get a fair run as Andrea in The Walking Dead.

The Boys is undoubtedly one of the best shows going. It’s an ultra-violent, hilarious, and overall refreshing take on superhero genre. If a Walking Dead fan is yet to dive into this thrilling series, now is a perfect time.

5. Band Of Brothers Features More Of Sgt. Abraham Ford’s Combat Excellence

Created by Steven Spielberg and Tom Hanks, Band Of Brothers is the quintessential war miniseries. Anyone familiar with Spielberg’s sensational epic Saving Private RyanBand Of Brothers can be described as more of the same. It’s an eye-opening look at WWII and manages to be emotional, inspiring, and utterly terrifying.

Band Of Brothers boasts a cast that has almost no rival in television. Band Of Brothers features Damian Lewis, David Schwimmer, Colin Hanks, Michael Fassbender, James McAvoy, Tom Hardy, and The Walking Dead’s Michael Cudlitz and Kirk Acevedo.

4. Keep An Eye Out For A Walking Dead Icon In True Detective

While the first season of True Detective shattered even the highest expectations and further re-launched Matthew McConaughey’s career, the second was largely a disappointment. However, the third marked a return to form. It’s in the third season that a familiar walker-killing warrior shows his face.

Without spoiling which member of The Walking Dead’s vast cast shows up in season 3, they’re undeniably one of the entertainment world’s most fascinating character actors. His appearance in True Detective is guaranteed to delight any fan of The Walking Dead.

3. The Wire May Be TV’s Greatest Ever Crime Series

D’Angelo Barksdale is TV royalty when it comes to fictional characters. Lawrence Gilliard Jr.’s drug-pushing character made for one of The Wire’s most fascinating personas. D’Angelo embodies the ideals of an everyman whilst being knee-deep in a life of drugs, gangs, and violent crime.

The Wire is regarded as one of the finest television series ever created, regardless of genre. Before he was tainted meat on The Walking Dead, Lawrence Gilliard Jr. was earning tremendous praise on The Wire. Even if Bob Stookey didn’t strike a chord, HBO’s drama is still absolutely worth checking out.

2. Prison Drama Oz Is A Highly Acclaimed HBO Hit

HBO has a habit of making exceptionally good TV shows. Oz is the tale of the Oswald State Correctional Facility and its wild, weird, and wonderful inhabitants. Oz is captivating from the moment the cell doors open to its audience.

With that said, Oz is a brutal look at prison life and in no way fit for the faint of heart. The Walking Dead’s Kirk Acevedo and Seth Gilliam both put in some of their career-best work in Oz. Acevedo’s time as Miguel Alvarez soon became his most famous role.

1. Invincible Is Another Incredible Adaptation Of Robert Kirkman’s Work

It shouldn’t be a surprise to hear the voices of The Walking Dead’s cast members in Invincible. The animated series is another awesome adaptation of a Robert Kirkman comic. What is surprising though, is the sheer amount of post-apocalyptic alumni whose voices pop up during Invincible.

Invincible’s main character voiced by Steven Yeun, better known to fans as Glenn Rhee. Lauren Cohan, Michael Cudlitz, Lennie James, Khary Payton, Ross Marquand, and more all lend their instantly recognizable tones to the fantastic Amazon Prime series. Invincible is a must-watch for any fan of animation, but it’s even more fun for followers of The Walking Dead.

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