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Gal Gadot to step into Grace Kelly’s shoes in Hitchcock remake

Israeli ‘Wonder Woman’ star set to take lead role played by Hollywood legend in 1955 romantic thriller ‘To Catch a Thief’; Gadot to also produce new version with her partner

In her next project, Israel’s Gal Gadot is set to step into the shoes of one of cinema’s most famous actresses.

US media reported this week that the “Wonder Woman” star has been cast in a remake of Alfred Hitchkock classic “To Catch a Thief,” portraying a character originally played by Grace Kelly.

Gal Gadot to reprise Grace Kelly's role in 'To Catch A Thief' -

In the 1955 romantic thriller written by John Michael Hayes, Kelly played the role of Frances Stevens, the daughter of a wealthy widow who is the love interest of main character John Robie (played by Cary Grant), a retired jewel thief trying to save his reputation by catching an impostor preying on wealthy tourists.

Getting into Grace Kelly's shoes: Gal Gadot in a new role

In addition to playing Frances, Gadot will also be producing the film along with her partner Jaron Varsano via their company, Pilot Wave.

The remake of the film is in its early development stage, with Eileen Jones tapped as screenwriter.

Gadot is also set to play the Evil Queen in a new Disney production of “Snow White and the Seven Dwarves.”

To Catch A Thief remake in the works with Gal Gadot

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