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Walking Dead Spinoff Set To Film In Georgia Next Week

Tales of the Walking Dead, the third spinoff to zombie drama The Walking Dead, brings the undead back to Georgia as the show begins filming next week.

Tales of The Walking Dead brings zombies back to Georgia as filming for The Walking Dead spinoff starts next week. With its parent show ending in 2022, the upcoming anthology series will take AMC’s popular undead universe in a new direction, boasting standalone stories for characters new and old. While little is known about who, or what, the six-episode series will focus on, previous comments have hinted that the show will feature less traditional Walking Dead stories, with the show potentially trying out new formats for the franchise, including animated episodes. The show is the latest Walking Dead spinoff to join the franchise but certainly isn’t the last, with the upcoming Rick Grimes-centered movies still in the pipeline, as well as a Carol and Daryl spinoff supposedly in the works.

Posted by The Gainesville Times, Tales of the Walking Dead season 1 will reportedly start filming in familiar territory, bringing the undead back to the streets of Georgia. According to the report, the filming will last 53 days, following a sizable $30,000 pay-out to use the land, before the buildings are destroyed to make way for a new fire station. A photo from the set shows a “Mini Mart” convenience store, while the article confirms a Mexican eatery, called “2 Panchos,” was also spotted on-site.

It’s no surprise that Tales of the Walking Dead will heavily feature the streets of Georgia, the familiar home turf of its parent series, especially as there’s plenty of Walking Dead characters, past and present, based in the area that have more stories to tell. Of course, the anthology series could also draw on the larger Walking Dead universe and represent the cast of the shows other successful spinoffs, Fear the Walking Dead and The World Beyond, as well as their respective settings. As the Walking Dead draws its last breath before it jumps the shark with its final series airing this year, AMC’s undead universe still has so much potential, and Tales of the Walking Dead‘s short-form format seem the best way to continue the show’s enormous success.

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