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Angelina Jolie birthday: 7 beauty secrets that the Maleficent star swears by

Wouldn't you want to have flawless skin like Angeline Jolie? On her birthday, we have jotted down some amazing beauty secrets of the Lara Croft star.

Browsing through photos of our favourite actresses is something we’ve all done. From their fashion style to their make-up looks, many times we aspire to have that flawless glow and even try to imitate what they are doing. And one of the main attractions is their beauty secrets. We all dream of having the perfect skin, poreless look and an unmissable glow. 

But looking beautiful on the outside is something that most divas don’t preach. In fact, what you eat reflects on your face is a mantra that most celebs swear by. When it comes to Angelina Jolie, the 45-year-old star makes it a point to practise a holistic approach to get flawless skin. 

On her birthday today, let’s explore some amazing beauty secrets of the Maleficent star you can incorporate in your lifestyle. 

Start young

Taking care of skin is a very important practice that one must adapt to. Being regular at it and being mindful of what you eat and what you put on your skin are some things that you need to make a part of your lifestyle and Angeline started young. Angelina started taking care of her skin very early in life. As a teenager, she started applying sunscreen, used a proper cleanser and mild one with antioxidants and sometimes glycolic acid. 

The minimal make-up approach

Though it is hard to believe that actresses cannot step out without applying make-up, Angelina has often shared that she never wears make-up unless she is working. And even if she is wearing make-up, she makes sure to remove it before going to bed. 

Never skip skincare

Because she has to travel a lot, Angelina makes sure to never skip her skincare routine. Her daily skincare is set in place and she keeps her essential products with her while travelling. She uses products with antioxidants and alpha hydroxyls and also uses a chemical-free antioxidant sunscreen. 

SPF – very important

At an early age, Angelina started using sunscreen to protect her skin. She always knew that the sun is not good for the skin in general and problems like pigmentation arise. She also makes sure to wear a hat if going outdoors and hydrates a lot with moisturisers. 

Well-groomed eyebrows

If you’re doing make-up, here’s a tip by the actress. Angelina never fails to have well-groomed eyebrows. Remembers her signature ’90s look? Eyebrows can give you a natural and filled-in look which softens the whole face. 

Balance lip and eye colour

One of the major mess that women make while doing their make-up is not striking a balance between lip colour and eye colour. This means, she usually avoids dark lip colours to enhance or highlight the natural shine of her eyes. So if your lips are dark, go easy on the eyes and if you’re opting for smokey eyes, use a natural coloured lipstick. 

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