Selena Gomez On Boxing, Bath Bombs And The “Snatched” Hairstyle She Swears By

Actor, singer and now beauty entrepreneur, Selena Gomez, has achieved an awful lot in her 29 years. Having begun her career in showbiz at the tender age of 10, she has since been refreshingly honest about her struggle with mental health, as well as lupus, an autoimmune disease. Ahead of the launch of her beauty brand, Rare Beauty, in the UK at Space NK on 1 February, she talked to acting beauty and wellness editor, Hannah Coates, about boxing, brows and why red lipstick is her evening-out go-to. 

On how she wakes up in the morning

I wish I had some discipline! Usually in the mornings I wake up before my alarm clock – it’s a really irritating tick. So I always have to try and fall back to sleep. To be honest, it’s a bit of a challenge for me in the mornings.

On her evening skincare routine

I love Tatcha – I think a lot of their moisturisers and face washes are gentle, but also extract all the nasty stuff. I just use that and moisturiser. And as far as make-up remover, I love the Dior Hydra Life Triple Impact Makeup Remover – it’s blue and really pretty. I use it to wipe it all off.

On speaking about her mental health

I actually feel like, in a way, I didn’t have a choice. There were so many stories being told about me during that time that I wondered how anyone would know the truth. So it really stemmed from me wanting to be honest, wanting to say: “All this stuff that you’re hearing? It isn’t right. Here’s what happened.” I do have bipolar [disorder] and I had to learn a bunch of things about myself, and it wasn’t easy. And, you know, some days it’s still not. But I just knew that if I didn’t say anything, someone else was going to. It wasn’t fair.

Selena Gomez On Boxing Bath Bombs And The “Snatched” Hairstyle She Swears By

On her advice to anyone feeling low

I would just say take a few hours on your own, but then try your hardest to invite a friend over and maybe make something together. I always know that I need a few hours to power through and get [emotions] out, but then I have to quickly turn that around and try to see someone and watch a movie or something.

On her cold weather skincare saviour

I think the sun [in winter] can be deceiving, so it’s really important to wear sunscreen. As far as anything else? My face is usually covered.

On the three most used items in her make-up bag

I’m very proud of my Rare Mascara, so definitely that. I’ll use the Soft Pinch Blush, and I have at least one Lip Soufflé Lip Cream – I love all of the shades, but my signature is Inspire. 

On her favourite hair looks

I think it’s different when my hair is wavy and down, but it’s pretty short right now. I feel very business-esque [with this bob hairstyle]. I also usually love to do a [slick] bun as it’s something simple and easy to do, and it gives you that snatched look.

On evening beauty looks

I definitely wear a red lipstick when I go to dinner – it makes me feel very classy and old school. And, you know, if I’m not dating anyone – which I’m not – then [it’s good because] I don’t have to kiss anyone either.

On the key to a good shower

I love essential oils. I’m more of a shower girl, but if I was a bath girl, I think I would be addicted to bath bombs. But I love the shower because I can gauge the time I’ve been in there, and it’s quicker.

On rituals to help her relax

I like to be alone for a second – whatever I’m feeling, I need to take a second to process it. I try my hardest to take a few breaths. I also love food – eating something cosy and then getting in my cosy sweats and allowing myself to have some me time.

On Rare Beauty

Image may contain Cosmetics and Lipstick
A selection of Rare Beauty products.

I have a song called “Rare” and I felt it was an anthem that I needed personally – it basically says that I don’t have everything figured out, but I know that I’m worth it and I know that I deserve good things. When we started talking about how to enter the beauty space, I knew I needed to be different. I wanted to stand out and show people that I care beyond just the products, so that’s how it began. I named the product Rare – it was pretty challenging to get, but it was well worth it, and now it represents so much more to me. I have it tattooed on me as well.

I’m excited at the level of creativity that’s going to come [when we launch into Space NK] – it’ll give us more ideas. Plus it will also open up the market for people who may not have had a chance to try my products, and that’s my big goal.

On the best beauty tip she’s received

For a while, I was really young and trying to do all these mature eye looks, just because I’ve been told my whole life that I look about 15. Now, I realise it’s a compliment, but before it would drive me absolutely crazy. Someone who was doing my make-up said: “Less is more – that’s the trick.” And I was like: “What if I want to do a smokey eye?” They said I would have plenty of time to do one in the future. And I just remember thinking that I was okay to look my age.

On exercise

I love boxing. I have been boxing a lot at Rumble while I’m in New York. It’s liberating and so much fun.

On her secret to brilliant brows

I do not pluck them – I don’t get them waxed, they are not touched! I just do little things here and there to fix them. My tip is not to go in with the tweezers!

On body care

I just use a regular lotion, but don’t usually use a lot of it because it makes me feel sticky. However, I just got back from a trip and my skin is peeling, so I’m using Sol de Janeiro’s Bum Bum Cream.

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