Blackpink’s Jennie gives an emotional message for Lisa, Watch Video

When it comes to the Blackpink girls, there is no end to their fame and fandom. Square One’s debut album, Whistle and Boombayah, was a major hit, propelling them into the spotlight.

Jisoo, Jennie, Rosé, and Lisa are the four exceptional vocalists of the Blackpink group. With their skilled and outstanding performances, all of the gorgeous girls have won many hearts.

Lisa and Jennie, two of the members, are well-known for their singing and dancing abilities. BLINKS like Jennie and Lisa, thus they boldly disclosed their ship name, ‘JenLisa,’ to their followers.

BLINKS erupted in applause when Jennie delivered a charming Thai speech to Lisa. Lisa became teary and was seen brushing her tears away, moved by Jennie’s kind comments.

Watch the Video here:

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