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Megan Fox Wore a Tiny Crop Top on Her Lake Como Vacation With Machine Gun Kelly

Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly got engaged in Puerto Rico, showed off the emerald and diamond ring in New York City’s JFK Airport, and then jetted off to Italy. After attending Dolce & Gabbana’s menswear show, the couple moved onto Lake Como, where they’re now on vacation. Fox shared some photos from the trip featuring her wearing a tiny, single-buttoned crop top because why wouldn’t Megan Fox? She and Kelly look smitten in Italian paradise, as you’d only expect from these self-described “twin flames”:

Fox and Kelly gave an interview to Vogue while at Dolce & Gabbana’s show. They spoke to the outlet on how being together changed their style.

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“Mine has definitely changed,” Fox said. “Before it wasn’t something I was focused on or thought about. Because as an actress I had been classified or put in the category of being a sex symbol. And publicists come in and they bring in a stylist and it’s all about dressing more seriously, so that the world will take you more seriously as an actor. But they weren’t dressing me the way in which I liked to express myself. So I kind of gave up on fashion. I was like, I don’t fucking care, whatever you put me in because I’m not going to like it anyway.”

“Until I met him,” she continued. “Musicians have so much freedom to express themselves in the way that they dress. They can be so much more flamboyant than actors usually can. Prior to being famous everyone who knew me always knew that I would always wear one really insane piece, and everybody would be like, ‘you dress weird.’ And it wasn’t until I was molded and had to dress one way that I gave up on that. And being with him, obviously, he’s slightly eccentric in the way that he dresses—and that has freed me up to express myself more. And he helped hook me up with Maeve Reilly, my stylist.”

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