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Fans Can’t Get Over How Much Gigi Hadid Looks Like Ariana Grande in New Pics

Gigi Hadid is in her Sweetener era. The supermodel recently posted a series of cute photos that bear a striking resemblance to one Ariana Grande, and it’s safe to say that everyone is collectively freaking out a bit.

Gigi shared a few pics from a Moschino campaign, including one in which she wears heart-shaped sunglasses and holds a heart-shaped lollipop. The photos have an unmistakable Ariana vibe, probably because of their cheeky mod-inspired styling — a definite favorite of the Positions singer.

While she’s not wearing Ariana’s signature high ponytail, Gigi does have her hair pulled half up and back for a similar look (very I Dream of Jeannie) and wears a cropped pastel plaid bustier top, mini skirt, and jacket with matching mint green gloves that would feel right at home in Ari’s closet. From the subtle, romantic cat eye to the precise arched brow and rosy lip, the beauty look is giving Ariana too.

Fans couldn’t help but shout out the resemblance between the two stars. “It’s not Ariana Grande and it’s not Gigi Hadid either it’s ARIRI GRANDID,” tweeted one. “Are you telling me that Gigi is Ariana’s twin,” wrote another, posting a side-by-side pic of the two with Ariana rocking a similar hairstyle. Others flooded the comments of her Insta post with their observances. “I literally thought this was Ariana Grande,” wrote one fan. “It’s giving Ariana Grande,” commented another.

Ariana herself hasn’t weighed in on the photoshoot and Gigi’s lookalike moment, but she does follow Gigi on Instagram, so it’s entirely possible she’s seen the pics and is planning a Gigi-style shoot or an IRL twinning moment of her own. Well, we can dream, right?

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