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The Walking Dead Season 11 Fuels Maggie & Negan Romance Theory

The latest episode of The Walking Dead just built support for the common fan theory that the show will resolve its Maggie-Negan story with romance.

The Walking Dead season 11 is building support for the common theory that the show is setting up a romance between Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) and Maggie (Lauren Cohan). Out of all the ways The Walking Dead could end their story, a romantic pairing would certainly be the most unexpected route.

How things are going to work out between these two characters is one of Walking Dead season 11’s biggest questions. As things often are in the series, the comics don’t provide a blueprint for what’s going to happen next. In the source material, Maggie gave up her need for vengeance after a broken Negan begged her to kill him. Considering that a version of this story was already done in season 9, The Walking Dead is likely to do something different now that their relationship is being revisited. Plus, the show has made it clear that Negan has reached a point where he has no intention of dying. His willingness to fight back for his life and even let Maggie die indicates that their conflict may only be resolved by bloodshed.

One scenario that fans have come up with that would avoid one killing the other is a Maggie-Negan romance. Though this outcome feels unrealistic at best, The Walking Dead season 11, episode 5, “Out of the Ashes” fueled discussions about the two having a romantic future. The looks exchanged between the characters during their fight has been interpreted by some as sexual tension. A physical attraction forming between the characters during their fight is one way to take this scene and the way that Maggie looked at Negan, but isn’t necessarily the direction the show is taking.

A romance blossoming between two hated enemies wouldn’t be a first for TV, but it would be a major surprise to say the least. Negan being the one who killed Glenn makes this an obvious obstacle to such a relationship ever happening, and arguably one that can’t be overcome. After all, it can’t be forgotten that Negan didn’t just kill Glenn; he rather happily murdered him in an incredibly gruesome manner. To add insult to injury, he mocked Glenn’s death to Maggie’s face as recently as the season 11 premiere. With that being said, it’s difficult to imagine Maggie ever forgiving Negan, much less having secret, romantic feelings for him.

The Walking Dead season 11 using romance to end this story would be a controversial choice for sure, especially since it would be regarded as a slap in the face to Glenn’s memory and an out-of-character move for Maggie. If Lauren Cohan’s character were to ever move on from Glenn and find romance with someone else, it’s unlikely to be someone who shares Negan’s murderous past. Instead, it makes more sense that Maggie is currently feeling conflicted over how to balance her need to get revenge and save her people at the same time.

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