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Bella Hadid on Her Health Goals for 2022

“For a very long time I just stopped planning things because I realized I didn’t have much control over my life.”

Bella Hadid is fairly candid about her struggles with anxiety, depressive episodes, and how being in the public eye has affected her mental health. This year, the model and Kin Euphorics partner is taking some control back and making her wellness a priority.

On a Zoom call, Hadid opened up about how the nature of her job sometimes prevents her from having a solid routine—one of the things she says is important to maintaining her mental health. “There’s not a lot of time for me to make decisions for myself, keep promises, and keep schedules. Everything is very much up in the air,” she says. “For a long time, I stopped planning things because I realized I didn’t have much control over my life.”

The supermodel made an intentional effort to create some form of a routine and “dive deeper on this health journey.” Journaling regularly, keeping up with her water intake, and setting boundaries around social media use are all a part of putting her needs first. The self-described “Domino’s lover” is also trying to cook at home more which she notes is huge for her health-wise. “I’d have pizza, burgers, and everything in one day and not even think about it,” she says.

One of the main things Hadid’s done recently is scale back her alcohol consumption. She even participated in Dry January this year—which she admits was a struggle at times. One of her go-to non-alcoholic drink brands, Kin Euphorics made it easier to stay on track. “What’s important about Dry January is that ritual of changing your habits and being able to—instead of picking up a glass of wine—pour a Kin drink into your glass,” she says. “You can still have a ritual: That time at night you have to yourself where you’re able to be grounded.”

What’s most important to her now is not having one huge resolution but setting little intentions at the start of the year to look forward to and achieve. She mentions that “giving yourself grace” is a big part of keeping up with those goals in the long term. “I know when I stop doing something or I fail, it’s hard for me to get back, but I think what’s important for all of us to remember [is]…you can always start it again,” she said.

Hadid sums up this new wellness mindset as limiting things that are a disservice while continuing to do what’s good for her body. “Just being able to stay true to myself and realizing my body is a temple [is important]. I deserve to give myself that attention.”

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