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Gal Gadot Addresses Sexual Harassment in Hollywood

Justice League star Gal Gadot addresses the rumors that said she would leave Wonder Woman 2 if Brett Ratner remained involved.

Gal Gadot has elaborated on her feelings regarding the sexual harassment scandal that has overwhelmed Hollywood recently. The actress has had quite a year. She starred in Wonder Woman, the best-received film in the DCEU to date, and cemented herself as a movie star, heading into the release this week of Justice League. Beyond that, she’s begun to establish a public persona, becoming the first-ever Israeli to host Saturday Night Live and appearing in Conan O’Brien’s Israel special.

More recently, Gadot has begun to speak out about the major issue of the day in Hollywood: years of unchecked sexual harassment from powerful men in the industry. Weeks before director Brett Ratner’s name surfaced in a Los Angeles Times story in which several women accused him of sexual misconduct, Gadot backed out of plans to introduce Ratner at a Jewish National Fund dinner. Further reports, since challenged various times, stated that Gadot was vowing to not appear in the Wonder Woman sequel if Ratner wasn’t pushed out of his involvement with the film. Now, in a new interview, Gadot has addressed these issues.

Appearing on NBC’s Today Show Wednesday morning to promote Justice League, Gadot talked about how she began filming Justice League immediately after Wonder Woman wrapped, and she was pregnant with her second child while shooting both films. She also talked to host Savannah Guthrie about the report that she had demanded Ratner’s ouster.

“At the end of the day, a lot has been written about my view and the way that I feel, and everyone knows the way I feel, because I’m not hiding anything. But the truth is, there are so many people involved in making this movie- it’s not just me- and they all echoed the same sentiments… everyone knew what was the right thing to do but there was nothing for me to come and say because it was already done before the article came out.”

That report, from Page Six on Saturday, was somewhat fishy from the start. It cited “a Hollywood source,” and never put an exact quote in Gadot’s mouth about threatening to leave the series. Even so, there was never any real possibility of Gadot stepping down, for a simple reason: Ratner played no real creative role in the DCEU movies; his name appears in the credits due to a deal struck between Warner Bros. and Ratner’s RatPac Entertainment, in which Ratner and his partner Steven Mnuchin agreed to finance most of the Warner Bros. slate, to the tune of $450 million.

Warner Bros. announced on November 1 – more than a week before the Page Six story- that it was cutting ties with Ratner, ending its deal with him as of spring 2018, a year and a half before the planned release of the second Wonder Woman in November 2019; they have also confirmed that he won’t be involved. But even if it hadn’t? It’s hard to imagine Warners letting Gal Gadot get away in favor of a disgraced Brett Ratner.

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