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Gal Gadot Read Pulp Fiction Dialogue For Wonder Woman Audition

Gal Gadot read scenes from Pulp Fiction during her Wonder Woman audition, as the studio wouldn't reveal which character she was testing for.

Gal Gadot has to read scenes from Pulp Fiction for her Wonder Woman audition. Fans were initially sceptical of Gadot’s casting when it was announced she was playing Diana Prince in Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice, but she soon won viewers over during her short appearance in the film. Wonder Woman proved she completely owned the part, however, with critics praising her performance and the character receiving a whole new generation of fans.

Wonder Woman also proved to be a huge hit and is currently one of the best-reviewed films in the DC Extended Universe (as it’s unofficially known). Of course, given the secretive nature of Hollywood studio projects, Gadot wasn’t initially aware she was even auditioning for the Wonder Woman character, and only found out what the movie was at a later date.

Gadot revealed what her initial audition was like on Variety’s series “Actors On Actors”, where she talked with fellow actor Kumail Nanjiani. Instead of a script for Batman V Superman or any character details, Gadot was instead asked to read from Pulp Fiction instead – though sadly, she didn’t reveal which scenes from the film. It was only when she was asked to come back for a camera test that she found out what the role was:

One week before I did the camera test with Ben (Affleck) I was like, ‘What’s going on?’” They told me they wanted to fly me to L.A. I was like, ‘Great! But what is it?’ And then Zack Snyder, our director, called me and said it was for Wonder Woman.

Wonder Woman’s popularity with fans will likely mean the character will be at the forefront of DC’s future plans for their cinematic universe. It’s fair to say that Justice League hasn’t been the success the studio hoped for. The film has received mixed-to-negative reviews focused on the thin story, lame villain, and some rushed effects work. The Joss Whedon reshoots also caused the budget to balloon to $300 million, but the film’s underperformance means it could cost the studio $100 million by the time it finishes its run in theaters.

While Justice League’s performance will probably make the studio reexamine its plans moving forward, at least with Wonder Woman 2 they know they pretty much have a guaranteed hit. Director Patty Jenkins will be returning, and the story will find Diana fighting the Soviet Union in the final days of the Cold War. It also seems Chris Pine is returning as Steve Trevor, despite the character’s apparent death during the finale of the previous movie. Since audiences became so invested in the relationship between Diana and Steve though, his resurrection for Wonder Woman 2 seems very likely.

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