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Gal Gadot Teases Ryan Reynolds For Stealing Wonder Woman Pose

Gal Gadot and Ryan Reynolds have a funny exchange over Deadpool stealing one of Wonder Woman's signature poses in the new trailer.

Wonder Woman star Gal Gadot is poking some fun at one of her Marvel big screen rivals, Deadpool, who seems to be copping one of the Amazon warrior’s signature poses the new Deadpool 2 trailer.

With the obvious exception of Black Panther, no two superheroes have had a better couple of years than Wonder Woman and Deadpool. After debuting to a favorable reception in the polarizing Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice, Gadot’s Wonder Woman became the DCEU’s first unqualified success in her debut solo outing, as the Patty Jenkins-helmed film conquered the box office and was met with the sort of critical raves that have been elusive for the nascent shared universe. The much more shocking success was Deadpool, the R-rated, fourth wall smashing Ryan Reynolds anti-hero film that made a mountain of money and became something of an unlikely signature character for Fox’s X-Men film franchise.

Deadpool 2 is on deck this May, and a cheeky bit of marketing is featuring a bit of a crossover between Diana of Themyscira and Wade of Somewhere Gross, with Gal Gadot feigning outrage on Twitter, and Reynolds replying in his trademark snark. Check it out below.

Wonder Woman and Deadpool may not seem like they have a lot in common on the surface, but there are some interesting parallels. For one, they’re both unlikely faces of their respective franchises. After Man of Steel, Batman V Superman, and Justice League proved to be lukewarm endeavors, Wonder Woman’s status as DC’s only full fledged cinematic success has currently elevated her above both Batman and Superman in the public consciousness. And while the mainline X-Men films have largely run out of gas, offbeat projects like Deadpool, Logan, and The New Mutants have arguably made Fox the most innovative superhero film producer at the moment – though the upcoming merger with Disney may curtail some of that innovation.

Wonder Woman and Deadpool were also both films that their respective studios had relatively low expectations for; Wonder Woman boasted the lowest production budget of any DCEU film, and Deadpool infamously had its budget slashed at the last minute.

Nobody’s underestimating either hero now. Deadpool 2 figures to be one of the biggest films of the year, and Wonder Woman 2 is gearing up for production soon, with Kristen Wiig joining the cast as the villain Cheetah. It’s nice that Reynolds and Gadot can share a moment of public admiration as their characters continue their unlikely dominance of the superhero film world.

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