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Gal Gadot Wants To Explore Diana’s Values In Wonder Woman Sequels

Speaking in an interview, Gal Gadot says she wants the sequels to the Wonder Woman solo movie to explore Diana Prince's values.

Gal Gadot wants the sequels to Wonder Woman to explore Diana Prince’s values, as the actress revealed in an interesting new interview. After Gadot’s first solo DC movie became a smash hit in the summer, Wonder Woman 2 was quickly greenlit. It will start filming in summer 2018, aiming for a November 2019 release.

Director Patty Jenkins will return to the Amazonian franchise for another bite of the cherry, and she will get paid a lot more this time around. Story-wise, it has been reported that Wonder Woman 2 will take place during the Cold War, filling in some of those interim years between Diana’s origin story and her modern-day emergence onto the superhero scene in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. Much has been said about this period when Diana “turned [her] back on mankind”, with both Jenkins and Gadot offering their interpretations of that somewhat notorious idea.

Wonder Woman 2 represents an opportunity for Jenkins and Gadot to clarify what exactly Diana did between World War I and Doomsday’s attack on Metropolis decades later. Certainly, Gadot seems keen to double down on what Diana stands for and which values she upholds. Speaking to Today, Gadot said this about her wishes for Wonder Woman 2 and the other sequels that could follow:

“So many journeys she can experience. She has so many beautiful values. Each chapter is about different values of Wonder Woman. I think that could be really awesome. It’s like the Wonder Woman bible.”

Clearly, Gadot is keen to dig a little deeper into the ideologies and ideas that drive Wonder Woman. The first chapter of her solo cinematic journey showcased Diana’s innocence, her strength and her conviction to the concept that mankind is ultimately good. It will be interesting to see which sides of her personality and beliefs will be explored next, with Chris Pine’s Steve Trevor out of the picture and the political landscape shifting from all-out violent warfare to the more espionage-driven conflict of the Cold War.

As Wonder Woman 2 gears up for production, the wave of Hollywood sexual harassment allegations has been impossible to ignore. Gadot’s own values were made clear when Brett Ratner – who helped finance Wonder Woman – was listed among the accused sexual harassers in Hollywood. Gadot came out with a statement about sexual harassment, and it was confirmed that Brett Ratner will not be involved in Wonder Woman 2. Clearly, misconduct in the workplace is something that Wonder Woman’s values would not allow.

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