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10 Things Maggie Needs To Resolve Before The End Of The Walking Dead

Season 11 part 2 of The Walking Dead is just around the corner but there is plenty left for Maggie to do and many plotlines to be resolved.

Since her debut in the second season, Maggie has grown to become one of the most recognizable and endearing characters in The Walking Dead. Even after the loss of her family and her lover Glenn, she has been able to rise to the occasion and take on threats from other groups.

But with season 11 being the last before The Walking Dead wraps up for good, there are some things that Maggie still needs to resolve. Whether they were from events before or after the massive time skip in season 10, she certainly has a lot of boxes to tick off her list before the final episode.

Take Down The Reapers For Good

Near the end of season 10, Maggie’s group was attacked by a new and unknown group called the Reapers while she was away. And while she tried to find the members of her group, she could only find a handful before she finally encountered the masked and intimidating foes.

Maggie, Daryl, and Negan need to stop the Reapers for good after the cliffhanger in part one of season 11. She and her allies deserve a happy ending after the many dangerous groups that have come their way and attempt to stop them from harming other communities. Hopefully one of Daryl’s resolves might involve the new leader in a peaceful manner.

Comfort Elijah’s Turmoil

After Elijah assists Maggie to help her friends from the Whisperers, their group gets attacked by the Reapers and he can’t find his sister. But in season 11, as he and Maggie lead a horde of zombies, he finds her reanimated corpse walking amongst them and has to swallow down his emotions so as not to be noticed.

He is one of the very few remaining members of the group she swore to protect and, as such, he certainly deserves to shed a tear and a few words for his departed sibling. Furthermore, Maggie should be the one to comfort him during his grief as someone who was impacted by her decision to leave her community for help.

Find A New Safe Place

Throughout the eleventh season, it’s clear to see that the Commonwealth is going to play a big part in the community of Alexandria and all those associated with it. The mysterious group might have their own way of doing things as seen in some of TWD‘s best season 11 episodes, but that doesn’t mean that it can’t be the haven Maggie was looking to build.

While the trailer for part two might see her standing off against the armored soldiers, that doesn’t mean she won’t accept their invite into the civilized group. And for the sake of her son and the remaining members of her own people, she just might extend a helping hand to them.

Make Up Lost Time With Her Son

While Maggie was gathering much-needed food and facing against the Reapers in the process, her son Hershel stayed protected in Alexandria. As they spent most of part one away from one another, their reunion is greatly needed.

From playing a game to simply walking and talking, their different experiences from being separated need to be expressed in some way. Even with the unexpected danger and strategy that the Reapers have put onto Maggie and her team, she just has to make it back and hold him in her arms again.

Returning With The Promised Supplies

After Hilltop’s brutal and devastating attack from the villainous and intelligent Whisperers, everyone finds themselves cowering behind the damaged walls surrounding Alexandria from Beta and his horde of Walkers. With a lot more people to look after and diminishing supplies, Maggie aids them by looking for food and other supplies.

Maggie and Gabriel must make it back with the supplies as a storm further diminishes Alexandria’s survival. Despite the odds against them and the Reapers, surely she will make it in time to save everyone before it’s too late.

Return To Save Alden

Once a member of the Saviours led by Negan, Alden quickly became a supportive and friendly member of the cast of characters. Despite her distrust of his former boss, Maggie never gave up on Alden and did his best to help her bring food back to Alexandria.

But after receiving a critical blow, he was left behind at an abandoned church for shelter by Maggie and Negan. Whether he will be alive or dead is uncertain, but Maggie promised to return for him and she must do right by someone who turned a new leaf for her and her people.

Find More Members Of Her Group

Maggie left her group behind with Elijah to seek help while also taking down the Whisperers in the process. But after their return, they were only able to find a few survivors after a massacre left by Reapers.

What remains to be seen is if there are any potential survivors who managed to escape. This is another thing that Maggie needs to find out and could be a big focus in the remainder of season 11.

Pay Respects To Her Dead Group Members

With only a handful of surviving community members, Maggie, unfortunately, couldn’t protect those who joined her on the hunt for food and supplies as they were attacked by the Reapers and Walkers alike. From Cole to Duncan, they died fighting for a noble cause.

So once the air is settled and she is safe, Maggie needs to pay respects to her deceased members and give them the memorial they deserve. Especially since they protected her from oncoming attacks and shared a bond with Hershel, these short-lived characters were seen as good people too.

Tell Hershel Who His Dad’s Killer Was

Hershel never knew his father. Glenn was violently killed at the hands of Negan before Hershel was born in one of the most brutal deaths on The Walking Dead. His mother, Maggie, had to witness her partner’s demise while pregnant with Hershel.

After spending some time with Negan during their search for food, perhaps Maggie will finally tell her son the awful truth about her dad’s murderer. While Hershel knows someone killed his dad, Maggie should tell him the truth as she will hopefully be reuniting with her son with Negan in tow.

Acknowledge Neagan’s Change

After the defeat of the Saviours and imprisoning Negan, Maggie left with her son for a fresh start. During their time away from the show, Negan slowly changed over the course of the series, even if no one still truly trusts him.

When Maggie returned, she still couldn’t accept him after what he did to Glenn years ago. Audiences may have slowly seen him grow from the ruthless thug he once was, but Maggie still needs to accept that he is not the same man from his previous life. Furthermore, she needs to start trusting him if they are going to defeat the Reapers and return together to Alexandria.

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